AnyStream beta Discussion Thread beta 2021-05-14

  • fix: Missing audio languages on Amazon/Prime.
  • fix: Descriptive audio tracks (Amazon). Tracks containing audio description are now properly marked.
  • improved: added logging
  • updated languages

11080P downloads were removed by Amazon they are now 720 P, still fine on Netflix and Disney

to be precise - Netflix still has content available in 1080p; Disney+ never did for download via AnyStream.

The change Amazon made seems to have affected competitor products as well. The cat-n-mouse game continues…

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Redfox has been targeted before but this move by Amazon seems to have affected all the real downloaders, not the screen recorders, AnyStream is a real downloader. I believe this too will be overcome by all the downloaders. It may just take some time. By the way, you can still download at 720p which is still a pretty good picture.