Anyones Plextor 716A have problems reading dvds?



hi. i was wondering if anyone knows which burned dvd media the px-716a has problems with. i currently use the memorex dvd+r 16x and with firmware 1.07, but had the problem with 1.06 also… and after i burned i noticed if i were to pop in the memorex dvd that was backed up, my plext drive couldn’t even detect that a dvd was in there. if anyone knows how i can resolve this problem or what media i should use in the future please let me know. thanks.


I have a 716a and 1.06 firm i just upgraded to 2.23 plextools and noticed a wierd problem reading disks with plextools open. i tried a cd, went into my computer and it looked blank. Also tried a DVD and same thing it looked blank. I closed plextools and went into my commuter and clicked on the drive and the folders then came up…I will look into it when I get home and let you know…hope this helps


All of my drives including the Plex get a glitch like that once in a while and a reboot usually fixes the problem. Don’t know why.


I just got the 50pack Memorex DVD+R 16x, MID: PHILIPSC16, from bestbuy. It has dark ring on all disks. Not so good burn quality on all my burners, perhaps because the dark ring. Will exchange it later today.

The 25pack Memorex 16x DVD+R is CMCMAGM01, pretty good.


The Memorex +R16x box i bought contains CMC disks. You can see a rather ugly result and comments here:

Use Plextools “CD/DVD Info” to see who the manufacturer of your disks is.


RMA the unit, i had the exact same problem, plex sent me a new unit and did not want the old unit back, by that i think they know there is or was a problem. Had a new unit within 3 days.


I have a few DVD-R (ritek) that my PX-716A does not manage to read (all others of my readers or burners read these DVD-R perfectly):
I have sent one of these media to plextor: they sent me back my media saying no PX-716A managed to read this DVD-R!!

I asked them to have the permission to make reverse engeenering on the firmware to acceed to my DVD-R, don’t have any response yet…


@zevia. I hadn’t heard of the M01 until today. Just as long as they don’t end in E01-00, as those are garbage (TDK 50pk DVD+R 8x from Best Buy)… :eek: And I think either xbit labs someplace had tested the mid philipsc16 and they also burned quite poorly. :frowning:

To respond in general, I haven’t had any trouble with my px-716a reading a DVD I burned