Anyone's P4 HT ever hover close to 100% usage in task manager?



I’m encoding some video to Divx 6 right now and my CPU usage stays around 65-75%. The CPU temp has been at 26C/96F for a while now and the CPU fan hasn’t reved up past the base of 1500 RPM (ASUS Q-fan controlled.) That may be normal for the fan, it’s a 120mm Zalman. I vaguely remember seeing other programs use up 100% CPU. Why not intensive video encoding?


Yep. Mine ofter hovers around 98% when im doing something like encoding and doing something else at the same time.


Think it depends on the what you are encoding. Sometimes I can rip a movie with 20% CPU usage and some others will hover near the 100% mark. Same holds true for the AMD from what I have seen. I also have the Zalman but I definitly don’t like (trust)or use the Asus Qfan I just set the CPU fan at about 2200 Rpm and leave it.


It also depends on what you use to encode. These files below are all done with the same file encodeing

Here is mine with Dvd Santa

and here is one with WinAvi

another one with Nero

and last one with Shrink


During encoding on some of the movies like skrink doenst suck up that much of ur cpu but like encoding from rm to mpeg that took over 90% of my cpu