Anyone with unrecognised writers in WinOnCD 5.xx, read here then!

Used to have a problem with my LiteOn in WinOnCD 5.03, so made a regfix myself.

However I now have WinOnCD 6 PE, so have exported the GRI string (Driver library) and also have saved the GRI_MMC.DLL.

Tried them both on my old WinOnCD 5.03 and LiteOn was seen perfectly after. It has info on all the latest drives, including LiteOn LTR-48246S.

If anyone wants the 2 files, leave an email addy.

thanks email is


Please send me it thanks



Thanks OZ


Yes, maybe you still have these files.
Maybe you can send them to me. I want to use an older version of directcd (with compression option) on my LTR-48246s.

My email:

Thanks in advance


man have i been searching for you. winoncd5 seems to be the only prog that will let me make vcd’s on dvd size disks and now it wont recognize or use my drive… pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaase can i have those two files… :slight_smile: ty

oops forgot mail addy lol. thank you again