Anyone with mutiple benq 1620 do you notice burn quality differences in drives



built after Aug 2004…my benq was an Aug 2004…I got a second as PD…also Aug 2004…second one seems to have some issues with big error slope at end of burns…it maybe defective…so it
s going back…very poor burns…

just curious if the newer ones are better


Between my 2 drives I don’t notice any discernable differenecs between them in the way they read / write which in my opinion is good. I get equal results and that satifies me because one is a refurbihed BenQ Bulk OEM drive and the other is a Nu Technology DDW-163 flashed @ B7T9 BenQ Firmware.

If one drive is getting a huge spike at the end this is actually indicative of a firmware flash that didn’t quite go in write. I’d try reflashing the drive to B7L9 in Windows Safe Mode, restart into normal - do a burn and then flash straight to B7T9 to see if that clears it up. At least try that before going through RMA hell. :wink:


well I did the flash with B7L9 first and then flashed to B7T9 and then down to p9…no matter the fw I had the issue…my other BenQ rarely has sloping at the end…it will spike but no progressive slope…I bought it retail at Staples so it is going back…and will exchange for a new one…no way I am going to start rma with Pacific digital…I got this 2 days ago

I even tried new ide drives…ms vs NF3…it is the drive

btw it had sloping on the orginial oem firmware…so I tried the B7L9 etc…


Ahhhh, ok. If it had sloping on the original OEM firmware when the other drive was fine all along then I’d certainly agree. The other drive sounds like it might not be calibrated quite right or something since it’s producing those results no matter what you do with it. Good that it was a “retail” drive at Staples that you can just return it to the store for a replacement. Good luck with the next one! :smiley:


Hopefully this one will be ok…it is an OCT 2004 drive with G7K9


there will be some slight slight difference…but come on…MFG process when producing the drive cant make a drive 100% exact in burn quality to another…so many factors…PUH…motor…electronic components…thats why each drive is calibrated in the factory on its own…


btw i have 3 benq 1620…and no big difference between the three…

another thing to note…media…one pc to another pc is not equal in quality…


no you misunderstand I expect similar not exact results…my second drive was giving a sloping burn at the end…so I was concerned if earlier drives had more quality issues…which lets face it many times companies do not always produce good quality stuff and do not care about the consumer…and for sure will not tell and return replace the product

ie mobos are good example the Abit IT Max2 “rev1” was not real good…came out with IT7max2 rev2…awesome product…but did Abit take back the rev 1 mobo…no way


But sometimes earlier manufactured drives are better than later, if flashed to the same firmware … and sometimes you just have a “Monday” product assembled by a worker with a bad hangover … I just think youll never know.

I think sth made in the middle of the products lifespan will be most reliable, but I cannot back that claim, its just a “feeling”. The early errors are out and the interest still is big enough because they do not concentrate entirely on the next generation product.

Just my thoughts…


To add to this thread:
I am pretty sure now I got a defect/poorly manufactured DW1620.
Made in Malaysia, October 2004, it says. It has not even a serial number.
BenQ should not even dare to print its name on a POS like this one…


Got a replacement drive it was made in Oct 2004 as well G7K9…this burned a ring on the disc…and it was all coaster…well it went back and I got another Aug 2004…Flashed to retail…went to B7P9 with winflash…then in safe modeB7L9…rebooted twice burned a disc…rebooted to safe mode and reflashed to B7P9…rebooted twice…

went and burnt a TY data disc with Nero…used Qscan trick…burned in 5min 45 sec…got a scan quality of 94 but only 600 PIF and max 11 and PIE 14000 and max 10 avg 1.7…it was the nicest overall 16x TY I had gotten…yea a 11 PIF not great but overall a nice burn


So one might think that Oct and Nov 2004 drives are not as good as others? While Aug 04 are obviously great, in general? No one knows about Sep? Would like to hear of newer drives, too.

Has anyone already a Dec 04 or even Jan 05 drive and could post his experiences? here someone writes about a (possibly) faulty Dec 2004 drive. So it would be interesting to know when the greatest drives have been made?