Anyone with Benq1620 + and overclocks their comp

this may sound like g.bush declaring war on terror and weapons of mass destruction, however does anyone get succesfful burns if they o/c their comp.

I realised that i get shit out burns when i o/c it

whats the best software for packet cd writing?

I get great burns with my 2.4GHz Prescott Celly running @ 3.6GHz. No problems at all…

Is your PCI bus locked? If not it can create some havoc with IDE devices.

Athlon64 2800+ (1.8Ghz default) running @ 2.4Ghz with a BenQ 1620 on the Secondary IDE channel as Master. Burns are as good as ever.

anthlon 2500 @ 3000 sencondary master burning with no coasters since october last year

I overclock, my burns are stable, I’ve never gotten a quality score less than 97, and oh…I use round cables too.

See my sig for comp spec.

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4ghz @ 2.7ghz, 1620 Secondary master, 1620 Secondary slave. no problems :wink:

can’t speak to overclocking. but i’ve only read bad things about packet writing. i never install that app. discs r so cheap i would rather throw away a disc than cause my puter to screw up.

I don’t overclock. I wouldn’t recommend overclocking the computer. Yes, a lot of people do it and get great results. For me, my rig is fast enough that I like a stable system and prefer not to mess with it. Some processors just aren’t overclockable without some work, yours might be one of them but then like I say, I don’t bother. :slight_smile:

I feel pretty safe with the PCI lock on Abit NF7-S

What people might have more cause for concern is voltages.

WIth higher overclock comes higher power requirements (or should that be responsiblity?! Spidey away!) from the CPU/components.

I found with a rather silly 3 drives in, the 5V line fell massively to 4.91.
Now it’s back to 4.99/7 and I used InCD to make a quick DVD+RW disc which I dragged a few files onto. It wrote them, and they all read inthe laptops drive. I think the only problem the InCD has is with files written last. FOr some reason one file, a avi/Xvid file, didn’t have any MIME info thus rendering it unplayable. Not sure what happened in the transfer.

[PS With such low voltages (12V was down to 11.91) the PC did freeze once or twice. Now I can go into DVDInfo or Nero with impunity wheras before this seemed to overload/suck voltage away from the aMD CPU and crash the system]

athlon 64 3200 @ 2.4 ghz, I just have a problem with lead-in (not caused by overclocking).

ditto…in dvd shrink

4.91 and 11.91 V are well within spec and I doubt if your system froze because of it.

I’ve found that moving the drives onto their own IDE and the HDD to SATA adaptors, the system is more stable.

ANd since I only have 2 drives on the PSU I think that helps a bit. But when lauching Nero Drive Info, when it’s detecting avaialble drives on IDE channels it no longer pauses for a while/requires a disc in the first drive to detect them.

I presume it might have somethign to dow itht he NForce drivers and detecting, and adiscarding, the info returned from the HDD that was inhabiting the first IDE channel.

[PS The NForce dirvers aren’t that bad. I’ve never had a MASSIVE probelm with them. And indeed they’re faster, performance wise, than the SATA drivers the boot HDD is now on. It takes much longer to boot (load icons in the taskbar etc). I presume there really were some benefits to the specific optimisations in the IDE driver. However I do prefer to have them all on teir own cosy channels and it doesn’t seem to really affect performance inside XP so…]

Locked? How do you mean? Where do you find that situation in bios? I have a SATA HD I dont think I need separate drivers for it…do I?

Athlon XP-M 2500 Barton running at 2387Mhz (instead of 1833) , all OK!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, I have the same setup. :slight_smile:

Thing is, I have a MSI K8T-Neo-FSR and cannot lock the PCI bus, so I only bumped up the FSB to 220Mhz with a Thermaltake Venus 7+.

Any advice on how much further I could push it?

Oh, and my My BenQ 1620 runs fine too. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that the BenQ DW1620 is very shaky when it comes to an overclocked PCI bus.

Even at a mere 5-10% Plus (and of course with timings adapted to the higher clockrate in the IDE drivers - Linux) it tends to hang up, though every other hardware ran fine - these include several different SCSI adapters (NCR, Sym Logic, Adaptec), IDE hdds (Samsung, IBM, WD) and DVD writers (LG, NEC, Plextor).

The shocking thing is, even if you “overclock” by a mere 1% (which is below the PCI bus allowed clock variation AFAIK) the BenQ occasionally gets unstable/hangs up, which makes me suspect a badly designed IDE interface.

My only conclusion is: If you want to overclock the FSB/PCI/IDE, dont buy a BenQ.
EDIT: Maybe its just luck whether one benq likes it or not…


PS: Person above has 10% overclocking and says it works. From my experiences, I can only say: It works … mostly. But sometimes it causes my whole IDE bus to hang and such stuff. Obviously there is no guarantee all BenQs work.

I guess I’m lucky, then…

Here I was wondering if I could reasonably increase the FSB any higher! :slight_smile:

If only I was able to lock my PCI bus…damned MSI.

Hmmm. My brother has a MSI K8N Neo 2, AMD 64 3500+ and his gives him the ability to lock the PCI bus in Bios. Think 67 is recommended for O/Cing. :slight_smile: