Anyone with another way to get L&D +RW bitsetting to work?

A while back I read the thread on how to get L&D’s firmware to work with +RW bitsetting where you need a new disc to set it the first time. I forgot to save enough new discs and now I have run out, which leads me to the latest 3520 firmware with no +RW bitsetting. Does anyone have any other way to make this work or do I just need to reset the bit in my Liteon after each burn; workable but annoying.


Looks like I have to spend money then?

Hi :slight_smile:
Which f/w are you referring to. If 3.06 there’s a bitsetting version.

The bug has to do with all bitsetting firmwares for any NEC 35XX drive. In order to get +RW bitsetting to work, you need to first burn a NEW +RW disc. Otherwise it never works.

As I am out of NEW +RWs I am hoping for another method. I have to spend good money on discs I really don’t need.

I’m giving up on this. After spending way too much to get a single +RW disc to set the bitsetting on my 3520, I find that it worked for a while and then decided to revert back to not setting. I guess L&D still have a few bugs in this as it is not in high demand, at least for 2.U3 and 2.U4. The good news is that my trusty Liteon can set to ROM after the fact using DVD Decrypter. Surprisingly I cannot find any other tool to do this although I have to assume there are other ways if it is so easy for Lightning UK to add it in. Maybe he did so because other tools were lacking.