Anyone with a QSI SBW242B?

Please could anyone with a QSI SBW242B drive reply to this. My firmware flash went bad, and I really need someone to backup their current firmware and send it to me so I can reflash my drive. Please? I’m really desperate. Reply ASAP please, and if possible email me at forgotten[ dot ]memories[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com

I can give instructions how to back up your current firmware for me if you need them.

Have you try the main web site for ur QSI SBW242B yet, cuz they might have the original firmware.

i just had a look at QSI’s no firmware there for any drive , anyway i found the firmware here

Thanks for the help but that firmware isn’t the same. I have tried it, the QSI SBW242B is different to the SBW242, the firmware doesn’t work with my drive at all.

Before flashing, it’s strongly recommended to backup the current firmware. These QSI drives can be really tricky.

I got UX51 on my SBW-242 … just can’t extract it - nor do I have a copy of the flasher because this one was preflashed from my oem.

try this

damn - don’t have a floppy drive on my laptop yet :frowning:

babychar: phil already gave me that link, it didn’t work, as i previously stated my drive is a 242B not a 242. There is a difference. I now have the 242 firmware on my drive, and it still doesn’t work, Windows also thinks it’s a 242 now as well.

sry :bow: ,didnt double check :o

you shouldnt have and shouldnt be sorry either , please check it now and see my link is not the same as yours :smiley:

LOL, I am tripping here :o

My drive is a SBW-242B but I haven’t got a floppy drive yet. Can’t dump my UX51 (OEM) sorry!

I just got a floppy drive and a floppy disk for my laptop to do this for your sake (and mine) so I hope it works and I hope you feel special because I normally don’t get to do this. I used AUTOQSI2 from the link posted by babychar2002 on a boot floppy and dumped the firmware in BIN format using MTKFLASH.

I’m not sure how successful this will be, but I figured using MTKFLASH to write it back to the drive would be alright. Don’t blame me if the drive dies or anything. Use your own judgement. And I think it might be safer to use the AUTOQSI package from the link given by babychar2002 ( and follow the instructions to make your own boot disk to flash it.

To flash a drive:

MTKFLASH “x” W /B filename.bin

Where “x” is a number from 1 to 4:

1: Primary master
2: Primary slave
3: Secondary master
4: Secondary slave

W is to write a firmware to the flashrom.
/B is to tell the program that the input file is a binary file.
filename.bin is just an example. Write the name of your firmware file here.

Complete guide can be found here:

When you download, there is two parts. Remove the .zip at the end because it is a two part rar file (due to forum storage and filesize limitations). Then unrar. Winrar can be found at

This is the firmware that came with the SBW-242B that’s in my Excel/Clevo D410J Laptop. It is able to write CD-RW at 24x (not 10x as earlier firmwares) and I think this might be the latest on the net (as I put it up as of now).

I have also attached a screenshot just to show you the drive ID and capabilities in action.


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Thank you so much lui_gough :slight_smile: You are my saviour! I can’t do this right now as I don’t have a floppy drive either, so I’ll either have to get one or maybe try the freedos boot cd and modify the iso. :slight_smile:

Thank you so so so much!

I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Oh - don’t be tempted with the CD - generally a bad idea to try and flash the device which you are actually reading off. During the flash you should not have any discs in the drive and also - when flashing, if the flash file doesn’t get fully read into ram, the drive is actually UNABLE to read during the flash operation and u’ll screw it again. Maybe you should use an EXTERNAL CD-ROM DRIVE for this. If you have a USB key - you might want to try making it bootable (good luck) and try running it from there, or use a USB Hard Drive and do the same for tempoary use. Alternatively, borrow a USB Floppy Drive/ buy one! - It’s not too expensive … but don’t buy one if you’re not going to use it for anything else.

True & important!
Using a RAMDISK is the better solution.

good idea - I never thought of that one :slight_smile: I might use that someday.

I’m a bit stuck now. My laptop has no floppy drive and doesn’t support usb booting. What shall i do? Will a usb floppy drive work even if my laptop doesn’t support usb booting? What sort of floppy drive did you use lui_gough?

Are you sure it doesn’t support USB Booting? I used a Mitsui USB Floppy Drive and my laptop supports booting from anything USB - it will actually detect it. - In fact - mine doesn’t show the boot option for USB until the USB Device is Plugged in. My BIOS is a Pheonix cME First Notebook Pro Bios. Revision1

Question -> If you have no floppy - what OS are you running? Is the main partition a FAT32 partition? And also - does your SBW-242B read discs or not?

If it does, follow chef’s suggestion - make a bootable ISO wid all the goods, configure that to make a ramdrive (need to toy with CONFIG.SYS and have RAMDISK.SYS - i think - from memory because I haven’t used dos in ages) and copy all the files from CD to ramdisk (maybe put this in AUTOEXEC.BAT to XCOPY D: /s <ramdrive>) and remove the CD and execute the flash from the ramdrive.