Anyone with a IP4200 and TY Watersheilds

Just got my Canon and very happy with it. I’m printing my own CDs to send to people and I’m having trouble getting the Canon to print right to the spindle hole. I’ve adjusted the setting on the Canon program but it’s still 4mm away from the centre hole. The TYs whole surface is printable.

Do I need another program? I’m trying to make these look as good as possible.

The second post in the below link may work

If you are using the Canon print cd software go to file/select paper and define the inner and outer measurement of the disc you are printing to. Save it with a new name and you should have no further problems.

How do I print to a CD with this Printer?

[QUOTE=jpfishn;2111649]How do I print to a CD with this Printer?[/QUOTE]

If you’re in the USA, start HERE.