Anyone with a GMail account here?

Hi m8s

I am needing a Gmail account like the watter. Is there anyone here that want to kindly give a GMail invitation to this soul? Just post here and I can PM you my details.

Thank you very much fellas.

I wish I had one. :bigsmile:

It’s still in beta mode. Well last time I checked it was (a couple of days ago). They are in testing phase. Just either check back everynow and then, or submit your email and they will tell you when it’s all good :slight_smile: I read the agreement, they won’t give your email to any 3-rd parties (even though Google owns heaps :eek:!)

I got 6 invites left to send. I can’t believe people are selling them on ebay… oh man thats funny. Its great, the only distinct offhand advantag eat getting a gmail account now is that since its so hard to cme across many names are available and you can get any name you want.

BTW I think Gmail is great, fast, 1GIG, just all the new implementations are quite the something.

i want as gmail account, because it is from google, which i like, i don’t care much about the 1GB, as i don’t use that much mail, 100MB would be more than enough for me…

/me really doesn’t understand what the fuss is about…

I’ve got a Windows 2000 with IIS at home. It’s on a 40 Gigabyte harddisk. That makes my email server a 40 gig email server. Anyone want a 10 gigabyte email account ?

I just couldnt pass an offer this good, yes I would like a 10 gigabyte email account :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sorry, but with all the fuss on Gmail, I just couldnt restrain myself :slight_smile:
My 2 Mb hotmail account got space after hotmail for some strange reason decided to delete every email older than 7 days :frowning:
And just for the fun of it, another smile-face :iagree:

I love the concept of GMail, and though my usage of mail is incredibly low (size-wise) I will still sign up for an account as hopefully I can get a half-decent name unlike on hotmail :wink:

I am quite intrigued to see how they give everyone 1Gb of storage space - I know not everyone will use it all, and most users will use perhaps 1-10Mb on average - but still it’s a huge project to undertake.

Yahoo have just upgraded their service to 100Mb (for a free user), no doubt in the light that Gmail is just around the corner. Either way, hotmail is now trailing far behind all of the other free mail based providers, and for that I am thankful. I stopped using hotmail when Microsoft bought them out and started imposing more and more limitations on the accounts - it wasn’t fun to use anymore.

The best feature that I can think of for Gmail is the fact that knowing google they are going to optimise the site/webmail access so that it uses as little bandwidth as possible. Perhaps it’s just me, but the idea of minimalisation is a fantastic one - there’s a purity about the google search engine, and that’s why I always use it. (I guess that it’s the computer scientist in me that does it)

I would love to help beta-test the service (I seem to have the knack of finding bugs), but i’ll just wait until all of the hard work has been done and sign up then.

So let’s see how it goes and watch the flood of people signing up for accounts… and of course the tonnes of spam that’s going to be generated alledgedly originating from gmail… bloody spam

Not everyone wants to subscribe to a domain and go through the hasstle of setting up IIS and maintening it. Especially with the reliablity of Windows. Then again given your penguin icon I probbaly don’t have to tell you that :wink:

Thats why Gmail is a fuss, you get a huge amount of space, 1gig, its free, no mainteenace, no worry about crashes, no worry about downtime, no worry that a response to your resume went to the canner, and its all around hasstle free. And since its stille arly you can reserve just about any name you can think of, how awesome is that.

I also had IIS running one time, I tried it and it lasted for about 3mo then I said the heck with it, I don’t want a dedicated PC on 24/7.

6 invites? lucky you m8. Would you like to make your daily charity and send one of those in this direction? I will be eternally grateful!

1 GM email account: 

Well, friends and family do come first, as well as favors owed or favors for possible future reserve. I thik the 6 will go fast but if for some reason they don’t maybe I will think of some way to hand out to fellow cd freaks. Thats a big “if” so no promises.

You can pick an invite up for 50 pennys on the uk ebay

That was easy :slight_smile:

“Need girlfriend, have GMail-invites.”
Quite absurd.

Well , my little forum is running on it as well. I also use it as a Samba share for my Xbox (dvd streaming… oooohhh). Additionally it’s a ftp server to get those big files i download from elsewhere to my lan.

Regarding downtime , it has been down for an hour the last few monhs and that was planned downtime. The main fuckup IIS still has is , that is sometimes like to change the security/profile settings. Still can’t run a SUS Server on it for instance.

I use my own servers for emails, too, but they have only SCSI drives and the cases can’t allow many more hard disk drives. I need some bigger 80-pin SCSI drives. Most of what I have are IDE/ATA unfortunately. It’s not that I’d need a TB email account.

SA analyzes the GMail-situation

Read on at

ROTFL. I haven’t gotten any invites in my GMail inbox yet (just got the account yesterday), and already, there’s a line forming for any potential invites that my come my way. It’s really quite amusing. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the logistics of how can they give away 1 GB of storage for free. There has to be some type of advertising or something.
I didn’t know yahoo gives 100 MB either… what the hell am I doing still using hotmail? :confused:

Damn that dude at something aweful was right… I must be a nerd because I really want a GMail account now! :stuck_out_tongue: