Anyone watch House?

Maybe i should have posted this in the n00b section…i feel like one now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, i stopped by and suddenly thought “do these people watch the TV show House!” - the medical drama with Hugh Laurie (such a change from Blackadder eh!) being a complete ass (he’s so good in it!) - for me it’s totally addictive! The 5 of us in our house (excuse the pun) are thinking of devoting an entire living room wall as a shrine to him and the show. :bigsmile:

I was going to ask about favourite TV shows, but i’m telling you that House is the best show on the planet, only rivalled by the ending of 24, series 5. :wink:

So, who watches it? And if you don’t (shame on you) go and watch an few episodes and then try and tell me you don’t like it!


Yep, brilliant show, with a great cast :iagree:

Good to see someone else watches it, and I’m not alone!

Moving this to Entertainment Talk, BTW :slight_smile:

i just bought the first season and havne’t started playing catch-up yet. it will definitely be high on the priority list now that i have to wait MONTHS for a new episode of LOST.

I saw it once and could nto believe Hugh Laurie without a British accent! He plays an asshole American so well!

Hi :slight_smile:
Take 1 story line + 12 episodes(or however many it is) + change 5% of the actors each episode + open medical dictionary & choose 5 ailments = House :clap:

Waves Kipper at zebadee

I like it…Hugh Laurie does a wicked American accent :iagree:

I can because i dont have channel 5… but soon my precious… soon

Image hosted by Tripod? :bigsmile:

can someone from the uk do me a favor and check if channel 4 is working properly? its jumpy here…

on the old analog signal… im cheap…

Just checked, but mine’s through digital cable. No problem here, although the camera is moving around a lot.

pshhh we don’t have accents, YOU do!

thanks arachne… that means that it is probably just the… oh great… now the screen is dead :sad: damn… you wait a whole week for an episode…

lol thats what i said to my manager… (devon accent)

That is SO not true (we have accents, but so do you guys :iagree: ) :bigsmile:

no we dont… i havent heard anyone be able to mimic a london accent… unless you do that 1920’s shine your boots guv… or now the vicki pollard accent… but then again id imagine that would apply for the majority of the country… (chavs)

aww i bet i’d like you haha.

I once let 2 boys that I met at a punk show stay at my house because they had really cute accents.

they were backpacking around the US and didn’t really have anywhere to go so I figured I’d be nice haha.

i’m pretty good at getting things off topic, eh?

so how about HOUSE :slight_smile:

Never seen of

YUP… :iagree:

Great show. Rarely miss it. :slight_smile:

Avid fan myself, never missed it, and have every eps within files on my HDD as well as getting the first season on DVD