Anyone want to sell a burner? (please read if you live in the US)



Hi guys,

I live in Brazil and it´s impossible to find Lite-ons here. I already have two NEC drives, but I wanted a Lite-On for Kprobe scans. It can be an old, used one, I don´t care as long as it scans decently.

So I was thinking that if anyone of the US users here wanted to sell me one, I’d be interested, and since it would be less than US$50, no problems with customs here.

Well, any “volunteers” can drop me some PM.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


No chance to buy a Benq or a Plextor either there? They can both scan.


I’ve never seen a Benq here, ans the Plextors are WAY too expensive. I wanted a cheap drive, so either a used or refurb Lite-on.


I believe that a rimmer mentioned that he wants to sell his 811… :wink:


Se for para servir como scanner não compres um 811s. São mto fracos nesse aspecto.

811s are poor scanners.


I knew that… was looking for a 812 or newer. Dífícil é achar um.