Anyone want a nice job

Good job for someone

Ha! That job cant be healty :eek:

Well … first you need to understand all the Ofcomm regulations …

Then, you’d need have to negotiate additional extra’s to be included in the salary package, taking into account potential wear & tear on equipment, and then there’s the issue of OH & S, friction burn & repetive actions can potentially result in missed work for medical reasons or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Of course I’m referring to operating the remote & eyestrain … what were you thinking of? :stuck_out_tongue:

if it’s a job with a four letter word that starts with a ‘b’ and ends in ‘w’ - i’ll take it - along with the salary :wink:


Blowjobs arnt a real job yet, unless your a whore. Im sure after a few days/weeks of non stop porn you would get bored of it.

I am amazed that the majority does not see themselves as qualified to watch TV.

lol, gimme my job back