Anyone wanna recommend a burner based on my setup? (sry for such an overposted topic)

Aight i’ll make this short & sweet:

-gotta liteon 52246s, love it–dont have any intention of using a new dvdrw as a cd writer

-sounds like nec’s 25x0’s only weakness is dvd reading–liteon’s only ones are that its just got write quality probs with crappy media–are they realy good readers (like nec’s writing seems to be)?

-ive got no prob w/ using 3rd party firmwares–sounds like liteon’s strenghs revolve around its firmware customizability–do those features outweigh nec’s firmware unlockable things?

-ive only got one harddrive, so with the 52x cdrw i got, i have 2 more spots, so if i got a nec drive, would most people recommend getting another dvdrom? or maybe i’ll replace the 52246s with a SOHC-5232K combo drive–40 bucks or so wouldnt bother me if the nec drives are revered more (iif 4 drives–in the case of a nec, dvdrom, 52x cdrw, & hdd–i’d put the dvdrom on th slave for the hdd, and dvdrw as master n the other? if 3 drives–liteon dvdrw, 52cdrw, and hdd–i’d put the 52ccdrw as slave for the harddrive?)

-im not gonna use the dvd writer TOO often…just when the capacity for data requires more than just a few cd-rs—tho i might backup my ps2 collection too–that about describes my intended usage–maybe a few movies or stuff i’ve captured on my pc

-any reason to look at pioneer or even plextor—their prices, esp. plextor’s, deter me–tho before it came out, i was set on grabbing an a07–i keep switching between waiting for a 12x or 16x writer, but at $70-100 bucks for a liteon/nec…its not that big a deal i guess

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anyone wanna lend some help? any comments/recommendations would be nice. forgive me if i don’t reply too often as im going to china and might not have great internet access :slight_smile:

thanks a bundle for reading!


4am here, and says you posted an hour ago… let people get their coffee first =D
personally i can’t help you, but i’m interested in the answers since i’m also looking for a drive, heavily leaning towards NEC for now, but i wanna see if someone’s got a good argument for a Lite-On

To see the pro’s and con’s of NEC and Lite-On burners checks these forums: NEC , Lite-On.

If you got the change to buy one, I would go for the LG 4120B: DVD+D DL = 2.4x, DVD+R = 12x, DVD-R = 8x, DVD±RW = 4x, DVD-RAM = 5x! :stuck_out_tongue: :bow: :bow:

Wish I could find a 4120

Why not ask some distributors and resllers? LG’s a big company and LG Electronics operates in many countries. Perhaps LG’s running a branch close to you as well. Resellers, especially the big ones, often know early when a writer model is going to become available at what price.

A great combo would be the NEC 2500 as a dvd writer, and replace your cdrw with a LiteOn dvd/cdrw drive. Great reading and writing possibilities.

A great single drive solution is the Pioneer A07.

I’ve loved my NEC ND-2500A. I’ve had no problems with reading discs, including discs burned in other burners. It does take longer to recognize a disc than some other burners, but its worked fine as a reader for me. Write quality has been superb on a wide variety of media, both DVD-R and DVD+R.

With the hacked firmware which removes the rip lock, the drive has also read scratched DVD-Video discs just fine.

With the beta firmware, it supports dual layer writing and I have been pleased with the results.

The beta firmware is based on HP’s firmware, which supports bitsetting, so if that feature is required, its available.

At the price, I would say you can’t go wrong with either NEC drive: the ND-2500A or ND-2510A.