Anyone using waste?



I’m trying to set up waste and having some trouble.

I have my friends key installed, but I’m not sure what to do next. He is online with wasted running and my key installed on his computer.

The name that is to the left of his key in the public key box, is that the name i type into the network status box? That’s what I’m trying to do, with no luck.

Do I need to open up a port on my router? I know the port number by default is 1337, but is that a tcp or udp protocol. I’m using a linksys befsr41 router.

Thanks for any info!!


Get his ip and connect directly.

If you have more friends you can set up a network in where you can use their ip’s for rerouting your data.


ill give that a try, thanks.

ps. how does that work with a dynamic ip?


Originally posted by urxlnc
ps. how does that work with a dynamic ip? [/B]

it doesnt, permanently. you can get his IP for his current logon, though.