Anyone using VoIP at home?

I’m thinking of dumping my phone service for VoIP. It would save me about $30 per month. Has anyone tried it yet ? If so what has been your experience ? (i.e. call quality, 911 service, equipment issues, customer service), and which service did you use ? I’ve been looking into VOnage only because it is the most heavily advertised.

An article you may want to read.

Well I use Skype for my overseas conversations…but for US calls i have unlimited longdistance …day / night with my local carrier…along with DSL…all for one small price…

I have heard names like packet8 and broadvoice
There must be somewhere a review of different services, maybe Consumers Reports style, or others.

This company has comparison to Vonage and ATT (not independant comparison)

i use my cell phone constantly, but am considering some kind of VOIP for my next apartment. thats up to the gf, and if i can convince her, though.

the big problem (that i’ve seen/heard) is local 911 service through the fone.

Nope, since there isn’t a good, cheap wireless voip phone yet that can also connect to local telephone companies.

i use Voip.

Phones? Whats that? :confused:
Who needs phones when there is the internet :bigsmile:

Just saw yesterday a movie Phone Booth. No phones, no movie :slight_smile:

I’m beta testing the AOL VoIP service. Seems to work pretty good. Lot’s of fancy call handling options.