Anyone using Virtualdubmod?

Recently I’ve tried to convert one of my mkv into an avi with virtualdubmod and I’ve countered an error that I don’t even understand. My file containes like 29 minutes of video with audio wich can easily played by Zplayer but when converting somehow virtualdubmod don’t see the first 1-1 and 1/2 minute of it and simply leaves it off (video and audio too). I have no idea why it does that with this file since with other mkvs this problem doesn’t occur.

Anyone know what’s wrong or what could be done?
Or anyone know a software that could help me getting just the audio file out of the mkv file but in full not without the first minute?

Have you tried regular VirtualDub?

I find that strange VirtualDubmod behavior is often the result of… lousy programming. VDubMod sucks compared to the original. :frowning:

Not a bad idea and since you suggested it I’ve downloaded it and tried to open the file but it said it can not detect the file type. Have you ever opened successfully an .mkv file with it? If yes then how?

Ok so there ain’t a prog. that would take the sound files out the mkv file (I don’t really need the video)?

Or does someone know how I can set Riverpast Video Cleaner to use the second audio when converting (last night it worked with the first audio but not with the second)?


hey thanx that works!! :slight_smile: