Anyone using SeaMonkey? (formerly Mozilla Suite)

I liked the Mozilla Suite better than firefox.

I’m wondering if anyone out there has updated to SeaMonkey, which is what the project has now been renamed to in order to avoid confusion.

I think Composer is a hidden gem, for example, and like that the Navigator browser has much more tab configuration options and general functionality than Firefox.


It’s a shame they never finalized the 1.8 cycle - the “Birds” (then Firebird & Thunderbird) started out as the minor siblings, then like the cuckoo in the nest, took over.

I believe Nvu is the single program that supercedes the Composer component

I had forgotten about that. Thanks for the heads up.

I have SM installed, along with FF & TB, but I’m still using the Moz suite. Whatever the last update release was is what I have. I remember reading on the newgroup that the SM mail was still problematic – although I don’t understand why as it’s based on Moz. As soon as I know they’ve dealt with the mail thing, I’ll update to SM.

Been using NS/Moz since the beginning and will never, ever switch to IE no matter what features they add.

Cool beans! :slight_smile:

Maxthon makes IE at least usable, imo. Great free app that turns IE 6 into something useful.