Anyone using DVDInfoPro v4.610?

I recently downloaded the 4.610 update for DVDInfoPro.
(Registered user since version 4.22…)
Even though I updated the software I have not used it since.
My post deals with the fact that this version of DVDInfoPro has been reported by SocketShield ( as using two seperate sockets on my computer even though I cannot determine that the program is running.
It does not appear in Task Manager, Wintasks Pro, or Process Explorer.
Has anyone else noticed this bizarre behavior?
I have requested technical support from the SocketShield site (the program is still beta) but wanted to check here while awaiting their response.

I’m not using this version. Are you sure you got right version (for registered users only).

DVDInfo pro is known for adverts and “calling home” spyware so I’m not surprised you got this errors.
Can’t find any support forum for DVDInfo atm, but you can post your issue in this forum (registration required).

[I]BTW, maybe moderators can move this thread to a more appropriate forum.[/I]

It clearly tags 4.6.10 as Beta.
As [B]pinto2[/B] pointed out, the program is known for the frequent addition of third party applications so this could be some new implementation here.

Interestingly, the supporters on DVDInfo Pro plaster their product across several forums but refuse to provide support in these forums. According to them, the forums are used only for news releases.

Very little information on support is available but they have quietly established a dedicated support web site.

DVDInfo Pro support can be found on the DVDInfoMantis site.

Oddly, there is no reference in the programs help files to this site.