Anyone using CD-DVD Speed in TS-H552U



I was browsing through a thread on TS-H552 in a Chinese forum and found that they can use CD Speed with their TS-H552U with the CH firmwares. But the most interesting thing is they can also use the latest CD Speed V.4 (in Chinese) in the TS-H552U with US06 fw. I tried many versions in my drive and only the 3.12 version works. Anyone has experience using CD Speed in their TS-H552U?

PS.: I mean the Quality Test in CD Speed


Maybe some Samsung drives are not as equal as the rest. :bigsmile:



How do you rate the TS-H552B/U as a K-probe scanner in comparison to the Lite-on drives.


I just confirmed that my TS-H552U f/w US06 does indeed report PIE/PIF’s if you modify the CD Quality registry key to disable blocking of quality scanning on drives starting with TSST. This is the same method used to enable quality scanning on Pioneer drives which support it. No Jitter measurements of course.


For comparison sake, I scanned a TY T02 media burned on the TS-H552U US06 that I had previously analyzed on my DW1620 B7V9. Running a quality scan at the same 8x speed, the TS-H552U reported better burn quality than the B7V9 on the same disc. Quality reports were as follows:

DRIVE - PIE / PIF indexes
DW1620: 2.96 / 0.04, 293 total PIF
TS-H552U: 2.68 / 0.02, 192 total PIF

Overall, the scores are very similar so the preliminary analysis appears to be that the TS-H552U is a legitimate if not optimistic quality scanner, though more limited in capabilities than the DW1620. Interestingly, despite the lower error rates of the TS-H552U scan, the final qscore was 95 vs. 97 on the BenQ analysis. The Samsung drive reported a much higher number of samples, similar to scanning with Liteon drives.


I haven’t done any quality scanning on Samsung drives yet, but they probably report very much like Lite-On drives.


Thanks cbjwthwm. Thanks Kenshin.


PI/PIF test with TS-H552U with register mod ( TSST removed ). The scan looks very similar to the liteon 811S. :wink:

Maybe same chipset manufacturer = similar results in PI/PIF test

Just for comparison: 811S and 552U dont blink the led while scanning ( always off )


Example of scan in cdspeed 4.01
I had notice that the scan in 4x is clv


Thanks for the info, zhadoom. CD-Speed now gives very colourful scans.


Is that real Mitsubishi MCC media?


Yes. Verbatim 8x (MCC 02RG20) printable burned at 12x ( Z-CLV ) with a Pioneer DVR-108 1.18 (nil)

The 12x region ( >2GB ) seems not very good at the end of the disk.


There are too many PIF errors. Though I don’t have 8x MCC DVD-R, my Pioneer DVR-108 is good with all types of media. The max PIF should be under 4. Good quality scans often display 2 or lower max PIF (when scanned in Lite-On DVD writers.)


Inspecting the media I found some scratches at the end ( outter ). Maybe this caused the PIF spike at the end of the scan.

I will scan another disc of the same batch to compare.

I will post when ready.


Other piece of media, same batch, same scratches at the end :a

Similar scan ( a little better )

I will try to pick a disk ( MMC 02RG20 ) without scratches and proceed tests.

When done I will post the results.

Note: I made a readability test with various drives (811S, LG 4480B, 4163B) and all read both the discs with almost perfect read curve into cd speed.


Another MCC 02RG20. This time burned with 4163b at 8x.


Verbatim 16x ( MCC004 ) burned by a 4163B into 1394 external enclosure.
Time: 5:59 ( buffer underruns past 80% of the burn process )

My best burn in DVD+R ! :iagree:


Something is odd about the above picture: the quality score is 95 while no PIF over 2 - this score usually indicates PIF around 12 in my Benq scans…


CDSpeed does the same with my Liteon 811S. PIF=2 -> quality=95%

I guess thats caused by the mediatek chipset in both drives.

The results are compatible with other scans made with 811S.


After read the review of sw-162c at CDRINFO, I try K-PROBE to make scans in my TS-H552U and compare to cdspeed results.

Seems very similar to me.