Anyone using a LiteOn CDR/W in a FireWire enclosure?

I wonder if there are any issues related to running it of, say a Notebook?

Currently I use a Sony CRX1611 in a Sony FireWire case which came from a Sony CRX1600LEK (12X8X32), and has worked perfectly alright with a Dell Inspiron 8000 (1GHZ/256RAM).

Plan to throw the LiteOn 40125S/W in this case.

So anyone using a LiteOn in a FireWire case?

I’ve not tried it but in theory there should not be a problem.

But it’s not always theory works in practice. :rolleyes:

So anyone using a LiteOn in a FireWire case?

I do, I have a Creative’s 241040 External drive with Firewire and USB ports, I replaced the drive (which is a rebadge LiteOn’s 24102B) with a LiteON 40125S, never had a problem.

The only issue I had is when I need to flash the drive with a DOS based program, cause I need to take off the case and connect to an IDE port.

OK, can answer my own question now.

Have a read here: