Anyone using 16X media with Clone



Hi, I have a new PC with a Toshiba 16X burner. I have Verbatim 8X blanks. I was thinking of buying a 100 pack of Verbatim 16X. If my burner is rated for 16X and I use Clone should I have no problems with the 16X media? Will the movie quality be compromised at that speed? Thanks. :cool:


I have used x16 Media RiDisc CMC-MAG-M01, which work really well with my Sony 710-UL burner, using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 to do the backup. I would say it is more important that your burner is happy with the media you are using as opposed to the program.

As for burning at that speed I have noticed no problems when watching the backups, and get decent results when I scan the disc. If anything, I only seemed to get problems when I was eperimenting with burning at lowers speeds.

Keep in mind, you only shave a couple of minutes of the actual burn time, when I done a test burn with Nero CDSpeed, I only just reached x16 before the burn ended.