Anyone used DVDMediaOnline Retailer?



Has anyone used DVDMediaOnline online store before?

I’m wanting to buy some “500 CD-R OEM Imation” for 99.95

seems cheap no?? I dunno, I’m worried about quality…etc…etc…all of these things, anyone know much about this online store???


  1. want to buy cheap cd-r’s 99 bucks for 500 Imation’s
  3. Any Good? Reliable? Quality?

Thanks guys!


Quality: Imation = CMC = Crap :Z
Price: That’s 20 cents per disc. Frankly, that’s a little high. Go buy them at Best Buy. This week, they’re 13 cents per disc, after rebate. In the past, they’ve been even lower. Or look at any of the other brick-n-mortar stores for their rebate sales.
Reliability: As a rule of thumb, I tend to steer clear of Yahoo-shopping-based stores. With a few exceptions (like, they’re used by shady businesses that I would never trust.