Anyone use those GQ DVD+-Rs from Fry's

anybody have any experiences with these media?
they always have these on sale at my local store… thinkin of pickin some up…

I have used the CD+R for about a month now. They seem to work ok with the 1004 drive.

great man… can u tell me ur experiences with them as far as playing on standalone players? and if u have any skipping problems towards the end of discs…

i have a history with using GQ media… since their CDR days… they use to be exactly wat GQ means… Great quality for the price… but as of late… they suck on some standalones reading towards the end of the disc… just hoping its not similar with their dvdrs…

According to what I’ve been reading around their DVD-R and DVD+R discs should changed name to LQ (low quality).

I’ve seen lots of problems and much Princo and similar media reported as being sold under the GQ label.

I would avoid these.

Is anyone else using this media, either the +R or -R? I bought a spindle of 25 a few days ago for $25 but haven’t used any yet. I want to know if I should take them back and get something else.

I used 2 - 25 disc spindles of the (-) R and found them to be less than reliable with the BTC 1004I.

15 - 20% failure rate.

Thanks! I thought the price was too good to be true. Guess I’ll stick with Verbatims. I’ve had 100% good luck with their DigitalMovie -R disks (MCC) so far. And besides, they look cool!

i have no complaints with these… i bought a 50 pack for $40 at Fry’s… they were only rated at 1X… however the 1008 let me write at 2x… i finished all 50 within a month timeframe… and every single one has worked perfectly… no coasters either… i tested them on my apex 1200… and a terapin dvd player…

fry’s recently had a big sale in the bay area at their stores… selling 25 pack spindles for 7 bucks… unfortunately i misesd it

I should clarify that my experience was with the Fry’s GQ 4x DVD-R media recording at 4x.

It is quite possible that recording the GQ 1x media at that speed is more reliable.

However, my current choice of media is reliable at 4x record speeds and is priced less than the 1x GQ.

25 for $7 is indeed a great buy - I have never seen it offered here in the Los Angeles area.

So what kind of media can you get 25 for $7 that records reliably at 4X? Give us a hint!

So what kind of media can you get 25 for $7 that records reliably at 4X? Give us a hint!
Sorry for the confusion.

I intended to say that the media I use is priced less than the Fry’s media sold at its regular price.

The 25/$7 media - I’ve never seen it offered by the Frys in my area. Usually , the 1x GQ sells for about $18 - 20 for 25.

The media I use is 4x stuff at 50 for $35. Its at:

How reliable? One questionable burn out of more than 70. The rest perfect using DVD shrink and Nero or DVD Decrypter and playable on my Toshiba SD-1600, an early generation player.

Thank you for the clarification. I’ve read some good and a lot of bad about these Matrix disks, but I may give them a try.