Anyone use these Sonic disks?

I’ve had really good success with them. But I know there are some other not so good sonic branded disks out there to watch out for.

Mine have a “MUST” id and i’ve only had one coaster in about 70 burns and that was my fault. Anyone else use these disks? All the reviews i’ve read from these disks pretty much have had the same positive results I have. I’m thinking of buying at least 100 pk, but would like to know if anyone else has used these disks with the same id as well?

There’s also a “JULY4TH” coupon that shop4tech is apparently offering, got that info @ FatWallet. That brings the price to these puppies down to like .29 each.

I would not get any more of these Sonic. It started with “Longten” which had better reviews; when I brought my 50 I got “YiJhang”. Now they change to “MUST”.
What I have heard so far the quality is going downward from Longten->YiJhang->Must.

If you have a NEC they will work fine most of the time I am pretty sure. But if you care about quality and may be long term realiability I believe spending a little more on the ProdiscsS03 would be a better choice. THose are down to $36 for 100 plus shipping/tax at Rima/Acca.

I also advise that you avoid these discs.
I obtained some of the LONGTEN variety, but PIE/PIF rates are skyhigh.
Not recommended.

yep, I agree with you guys, i’ve read the same thing on those other media codes. But these have the code of “MUST…001” and burn excellent. As long as I get these it looks like i’m golden. Have either of you used the Sonic disks with the must id?

Which Ones are the ProdiscS03 ???

I bought some from Rima and received the R03’s…

The ones I bought were the printable disks and are R03…

mikey, I personally don’t use Rima, so I wouldn’t know. But there seems to be too much of that media id swapping out there by most of these online companies. One day you buy one brand getting a prodisc S03 media id and the next day it’s R03 or something else. I know that sux and I’ve never had that problem with shop4tech. I’ve bought these disks on a few occasions from them and each time i’ve gotten the MUST…OO1 code. The disks are awesome if you are looking for a large quantity of solid disks at a cheap price then you can’t go wrong with these. I know i’m one happy cat. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Prodisc R03 are the 8X +R media. S03 are the 4X -R media. A few people here indicated they get better results with the Prodisc 4X +R (R02 media) than the 8X media.
The 4X R02 is only available at Accaproducts now. Check the DVD media forum.

I have not personally used Rima but I have heard nothing but good reviews with them together with Accaproducts which are the same company I believe.

g-t, yea from what i’ve read rima is pretty good. They are at least better then sites like meritline who get horrific reviews for being deceptive and shady. Some people say is the place you should check to see what companies are the best, etc, but reselleratings just don’t have many reviews for most of their companies. I recently read about a site called as the main site to check and see how great an online company is. I checked and it has like 25,000 reviews for shop4tech, while resellerratings doesn’t even have 70, lol.

Bizrate just confirms the reason I soley do business with shop4tech. With that many reviews they have like an overall positive rating for shop4tech of like 90%. The funny thing is that most of the complaints i’ve read about shop4tech are almost always due to people getting crappy media. Shop4tech sells like “leda” branded disks but they are really Princo. But with 25,000 and then some reviews, it’s pretty obvious that those results can’t be tainted or flawed.

I keep seeing nothing but positive things about these disks so I went ahead and ordered 50. They work great for most everyone else, can’t see why I should be any different. I receieved an email from shop4tech for loyal customers saying they are offering 10% on items on their site until the end of July. I only had to pay $15.30 for a 50 pack. The coupon code was “WEEKLY10” Figured i’ll just test the waters if they work like everyone says, i’ll buy a lot more. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it turns out. I am not happy with the YiJhan version of the Sonic that I got. Hope yours is better.
I just brought 100 pack of Ridata +R - RICOHJPNR01 from Newegg for $40 After rebate plus tax. Slightly more expensive but they are great quality and I trust those more.

NoLimiTz: You sound too enthusiatic, are you sure you don’t work for shop4tech?? I have just seen too many “new” posters who start out with exactly the same pitch for Sonics. A remarkable coincidence?