Anyone use the nero plugin in vista mce to burn xvids to video dvd?

Anybody use the nero plugin in vista mce to burn xvids to video dvd? It converts the film to dvd format and burns it to disc in about an hour for me which seems to good to be true. Which it is, the 2 films i converted so far seem to have a lower fps than normal and the sound is out of sync. Anyone else have this problem?

I haven’t used it. But the Sync problem has been experienced by many folks in XP also. So far, I don’t know of a definite fix, but it appears the problem has now migrated to Vista. All I might suggest here is to watch exactly how the files have been encoded to see if you can pick out any difference as far as how the audio sync is handled. If you find one that works correctly, let us know.

As far as the frame rates, Nero will lower the quality to fit the video on one disc. If you have plenty of room, it should maintain at least the original video quality unless you have some custom settings in place.

well i have used autogk to convert them to xvid with just normal settings (the xvids themselves are fine) and just used the default settings for the nero plugin which seem correct. So nothing out of the ordinary that I can see tbh. Its a pity as its very handy for none techy ppl in my house to put tv shows onto dvd. I have tried at least 4 different films and every one has audio problems and video frame rate problems while convertx2dvd works fine. Nero probably dont have any intentions of supporting xvid properly. Thanks for the reply.

What do you mean by nero plugin?, there is no such thing as nero plugin in VISA. Nero 7751 which released recently is VISTA compatable with all the interfaces required for VISTA platform operation.

In vista media center a nero addon/plugin appears if you have nero installed and so you can use nero as the default program to burn cd/dvd through vista media center. Im hardly gonna make this up! As i said it doesnt work right for xvid’s , cd’s work fine.