Anyone use spycams or other monitoring system?

Just wondering if any of you guys have any kind of video surveillence around your home/other areas.

I was thinking the other day and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra security around my place. I guess i’m just curious as to how hard it would be to set up a wireless camera or two and have them be able to record video by either a VCR, or be able to record the video on my laptop computer.

I’m sure there are some security freaks out there that have been in my shoes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any input

I got a camera which is pointed at my street, but it’s not really for surveillence.

is that your boobie cam

Right… spy cameras for “security” :wink:

X10 got plenty of stuff for that particular purpose.
Even with the latest logitech webcams it’s possible to use them as security devices. (motion detection webcam software for instance).

Yea, i was doing some searching and found some stuff on X10.

And yes, bcn_246, only for security purposes :wink:

I put webcams, old Intel Pro and Kodak DVC, on top of my CRT in the living room and my boys CRT in their bedroom. Sometime I activate the webcam with Yahoo Messenger via Remote Desktop from my office, usually after school around 4PM, just to check, for security purposes :smiley:

I think I need one more webcam in our bedroom, especially that can see in the dark, for “other purposes” :bigsmile:

Just like we only copy stuff for “backup purposes”, and SuprNova was for “educational purposes” :bigsmile:

I decieded to add the one X10 missed out :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to stop working for so long on the images I post…

I am planning to install a cam in the living room, so I watch what our cat is doing when we aren’t at home. I still got a few old webcams lying around and I got a server that’s always up, so why not? :wink:

i thought about the same thing to watch my friends when i leave the room im not sure they can be trusted to leave stuff alone :a :eek:

Couldn’t be good friends if they can’t be trusted.

Friends of friends, maybe :wink:

I don’t have one but we have a pretty nice system at the home office where I work, It monitors the entrance to the property, front door, two cameras on the pool. All can be monitored at any television in the house.

my house and dorway is wired up with spy cams…and indoors with a infra cam …all monitored on my pc…

no spy cams , im not a “voyeur”

Got a baby monitor:) Its a B&W eye in the babys room that runs to the TV via RCA. Watchin a movie just a quick flick to make sure hes OK.

At the moment I’ve got two Axis IP cams for surveillance, 1 is hooked up to a Infra-red sensor. Images are stored on a hard disk and transmitted over the internet. Previously I used the software, which is superb.