Anyone use printable dvds with 708A?

Just curious if anyone has used printable dvd media with the 708A? I’m thinking of purchasing the EPSON R200 printer that does CD/DVD printable media. Any comments or experiences will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sorry that Im not answering your question but, I’m on the same quest.

I’m considering getting the R200 and using the Verbatim 8X printable disk, The only thing is, I wonder why Plex took the 8X Verbatim off of Recommended list, still on the compatible

I wonder why Plex took the 8X Verbatim off of Recommended list, still on the compatible

I read that Plextor and Verbatim are working on that issue. The printable DVD media is expensive that’s why I wanted some comments from others before I make my final decision on purchasing the Epson R200 printer.

I don’t have the 708 but I do have the Pioneer 107 and a Plextor 712a and the R300. The printable media is no different than the non-printable media. I have tried Prodisk, Ritek and Verbatim all with out any problems

Hi, i always use Verbatim DVD-R 4X printable, reorder #43235, and they work perfectly with my 708A. I hope this can help you :wink:

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Verbatim 8x printable media with the px712-a. The media id is the same as the non-printable media, ie. MCC02RG20. I’ve been disappointed with the results at 8x, discs are usually unreadable with PI over 900. At 6x PI hits a max of about 80 which is fine, and at 4x the PI max is about 12 so it’s superb quality. But this is expensive media and I bought 8x to write at 8x, so I am very disappointed.

I don’t know if the quality of inkjet printable media is the same as the non-printable? My results are very different from OC-Freaks’s results with the same media here He wrote at 8x and got pretty much the same quality as I got at 6x.

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Although your DVD media and OC’s may have the same media codes, there is no guarantee that the discs will be written with the same quality. Have you tried firmware 1.02?

Have you tried firmware 1.02?

Yes just upgraded to it. Was on 1.01. I noticed a slight improvement in quality and burn time at 6x. PI sustained max was about 50 (compared with 80 before). However 8x is still a disaster. The first one reset the computer half way through; the second had a sustained PI max of over 900 and is unreadable by any player.

Assuming these results are not affected too much by my particular pc environment, I would recommend steering clear of verbatim 8x inkjet printable (MCC02RG20) if you want to burn at 8x. 6x incidentally took 10 mins 20 to burn a full disc inc. lead in and out.