Anyone use intel application accelerator?

Hi just wondering does anyone install/use this after installing the latest intel inf drivers (16/12/2004)?


i don’t have (and never had) a board with an intel chipset - but the Intel Application Accel. is something like an IDE-Busmaster-Driver, right?
so, i’d guess it’s no good to install that one…

oh, wait, i remind of Windows 98 times, when my father had a gigabyte board for pentium that there was an intel chipset on it - and he installed this driver directly after the Win98se installation and nothing worked any more… :wink:

well, i just don’t trust in that “drivers” that make your pc faster in a “magical way”…

Using IAA here to support my SATA RAID 0 C: drive.

I use the IAA. Used the speed test that comes with nero 6 on my 2 hard drives before and after installing IAA, on my primary hard drive not much difference, on seconary hard drive got between 7-10 mg increase. Don’t know how accurate nero 6 hard drive speed test is but these are my results. One more thing I had to uninstall IAA to upgrade my dvd burner firmare.

I’m using on both of my systems with no problems…

Thanks, cause everytime i install it i cant enable the DMA setting for DVD burner, cause the page/tab disappears