Anyone use dvdxcopy?

I am trying out a few different programs right now for dvd backups. Has anyone tried dvdxcopy before? I have read a lot here and it seems to copy a dvd you have to do a whole bunch of things to just copy. Is there a program you can use where all you have to do is select disc copy and does all the work for you??

Dvdxcopy was produced by 123 Studios which has closed up shop after being forced by the Courts to remove the ripper from their program. It is no longer updated or supported and cannot handle the newest Sony protection, ARcoSS.

If you’re prepared to pay for your software, for a 1 click dvd copying solution, your best bet is DvdFab. It comes in a variety of “flavours”; the one that would seem to suit your needs best being DvdFab Express. Alternatively, you might want to consider DvdFab Platinum which includes both the “dumb” mode of DvdFab Express and a “Gold” mode that allows for many greater options but which is still very easy to use.

Alternatively, you could learn to use the free alternatives of Dvd Decrypter and Dvd Shrink. Plenty of help available on this forum for both those programs if you need it.

Have’nt used it in years, it did’nt work very well for me.

I think you should just save your money and go with dvdshrink. You have more control over what happens and it is not too advanced if you go through a tutorial.

And then use Dvd decrypter with some of those annoying protected DVD’s.

It is the only program that I have ever used, and it works great. The people at 123 copy were all very helpful and I was sorry to see them lose the battle.

when dvdxcopy by 321 studios went out of business, dvdxplatinum came out pretty similar just doesnt come with css built in. would have to use anydvd or something like that. it has a simple mode that will compress your movie to one disk, just one click to do it. also has advanced features that come in handy.
also 1click copy is very good also, very easy to use and is a lot cheaper.
clonedvd is probably your best bet but you might want to check the others out also.

Does DVD X Copy work with duel formats? I have the Platinum but can get no information. Some say it does, and others say no. Which is correct?

DVD X Copy is still great. It works fine 95% of the time. There have been a few movies that have the sony protection in which case I use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. It’s a shame there are no more updates for DVD X copy but it is a great tool.
TIP FOR DVD X COPY users : Before you copy a disc take a look at the original and made sure that Sony is not the distributer. If it is that DVD X copy will not work, and you should just proceed with Shrink and Decrypter.

Well, they lost the battle, so you should try another program.

The reason you can get no information is because DVD X Copy is no more. Try another program! :iagree:

Good Luck!

I have DVDXCopy Platnium and it works quite well. It also does a good job of compressing the original to fit on a 4.7 Gig DVD-R.

I’ve used it successfuly on a number of recent movies, but sometimes the bonus discs won’t work, possibly because they have too much content.

Too much content? I don’t think that is the reason.

I used DVD X Copy at first, it was alright. DVD Shrink blows it away in my opinion. It just has way more options, plus it doesnt add that dumb DVD X Copy screen at the beginning of movies. Yes, DVD X COpy does work with both -R and +R discs…

Umm…DVDXCopy Platinum is illegal isn’t it? If you’re in the U.S. technically
it’s a crime to even have it installed on your system.

And I agree with the previous poster, there are better alternatives out there.

DVD X Copy is the only program I’ve ever used. Over 450 movies later, I can’t complain. There have been very very few movies that I have found that I have not been able to copy. I’m extremely happy with it. Now I’m just trying to find a program that I can copy backups with. My daughter gets pretty rough on hers.

DVD X Copy Platinum, version, is the only DVD copy software I’ve ever used, and I’ve never had a problem with it.

A couple things to note though, I don’t use it to burn the discs, only to rip them. This is because DVD X Copy places a video “backup” warning on screen for about 7 seconds and which can not be skipped and it places a text file in the root directory with your unique software license number as well. To avoid that, after ripping but while it is waiting for you to put in a blank disc, I use VOBRator and IfoEdit to remove the Backup warning from playback, and then I use Nero to burn the disc so that I can leave out the text file (if you try to manually delete the text file from the temp directory on your HD before burning with DVD X Copy, it will fail). Directions for using VOBRator and IfoEdit to remove the warning screen as well as the FBI warning if you want, can be found here:

It sounds more complicated than it really is. After DVD X Copy is done ripping, it only takes about 3 minutes with VOBRator and IfoEdit to remove the warning screens, and then you just burn a DVD Video with Nero. It’s actually pretty simple.

The only limitation is that DVD X Copy was last updated prior to DVD+DL, so I don’t know how it would handle ripping with the intended target being a DL disc. I only just bought my first DL capable burner, a NEC 3540A, and with the cost of DL media still around $4.50 each, I doubt I will be finding out any time soon if this really is a limitation :slight_smile: The discs I make with DVD X Copy, even when compressed 60% look perfect to me. On my PC Monitor if I look real closely I can sometimes see some artifacting, but I’ve never noticed any on my HDTV. So I’m quite happy with it.

Has anyone gotten an update message for DVDExpress upon opening it recently? I know that 321 Studios is out of bizzness but I have no issues with their software. I opened it yesterday and received an update available screen…do you think this is valid? It’s the 1st time this has happened in 2 years.

Dvd x Copy has two modes Advanced and Simple. Simple is a one button operation.

The program can still be found on search engines, and if found is free.

It was, in it’s time, simply the best.