Anyone Use DVD-RAM Instead of DVD+/- RW's?

Like i do? I can only afford 5X Panasonic but maybe i can sneak an order in for some 12X and my wife won’t see it on the CC :bigsmile:

ive got one panasonic 5x and a maxell 12x cost a bomb never again dont even use them that much :doh:

I am using DVD-RAM for regular data backups.
Media is 3x rated Verbatim (Panasonic MID) or Panasonic, drives are LG 4163B and Samsung SH-S182D using Panasonic UDF driver on W2k :slight_smile:


I’m usind 3x and 5x media, with and without cardridge. My cardridge media are all double sided media. My normal media are all single sided.
I use on all systems the Panasonic UDF driver (Win2K and WinXP)

Yep, sometimes. For incremental backups, they’re ideal.

3x rated Verbatim or Panasonic (can’t find higher speeds than that in B&M stores), also using the Panasonic UDF driver :slight_smile:

For temporary storage, that’s when I use DVDRW. :slight_smile:

Edit: if you order some 12x’s, don’t forget your furry British friend :bigsmile:

(Just teasing)

If your hinting to me i guess i could see what i can do if i can get some :slight_smile:

Bless you, I was just teasing :flower: - those things cost an arm and maybe part of a leg, and shipping would kill you (imagine explaining that to Mrs. Rolling!) :wink:

We shipped a package to Hungary once (an internet friend) and it didn’t cost all that much but i don’t have any yet :bigsmile:

Can you scan those things with CDspeed?

I ordered 3 Maxell 12X DVD-RAM discs today.

Yes, you’ll find an example here of a DVD-RAM burned in ISO9660 format.

It’s also possible to scan DVD-RAM discs formatted in UDF using the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver.

I’m not sure about FAT32 formatted DVD-RAM discs.

Thanks. I get slightly better scan results from my 165H6 with a DVD+RW. And a lot better if I scan it with a 1693

My theory is that the DVD RAM recording layer is the same as DVD RW but with sectors. My second theory is that every Lite-On since the 1693 writes and reads rewriteables worse than their predecessor.

I’ll bet if a DVD-RAM is scanned on a 1693 it would look much better, but I suppose the 1693 wouldn’t recognize the disc.

DVD-RAM and DVD±RW also use different phase changing materials.

The material typically used for DVD-RAM is GeSbTe or Germanium-Antimony-Tellurium.

The material typically used for CD-RW and DVD±RW is e.g. AgInSbTe or Silver-Indium-Antimony-Tellurium.

DVD-RAM media can be overwritten 10-100 times more than DVD±RW due to the different phase change material used.

Hmmm, isn’t this more about Blank Media than about Optical Drives? Perhaps the thread should be moved to Blank Media forum?

yeah sure :slight_smile:

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Thanks zevia

I like DVD-RAM’s increased resiliency to errors through hardware sector relocation… but it’s just not practical. To take advantage of it I would need to write with verification enabled, which turns 12x into 4x and 5x into <2x.

So, it’s faster to burn a ±RW [or -RAM] disc and then use a diff utility like Beyond Compare 2 to check the resulting burn against the source.

Even better, in the same time it takes to burn one 12x DVD-RAM disc with verification enabled [about 15 minutes], I can burn two copies on two different types of write-once media and verify one of them.

12X is still faster than 5X which is what i have now. Plus it’s the fastest out now. I’m retired so i have all the time i need till i die. I still use 8X TY02 and/or my TY02 printables and burn them @8X for my important DVD back up’s. My 16X media is mainly for testing but my TYG03 WaterShields are for burning/printing.

Do you mean TYG02 (-R) or YUDEN000T02 (+R) also commonly called “T02” ? :slight_smile: