Anyone use Compusa branded DL on 1640..there onsale

I am curious if anyone has used this media on a Benq 1640

I googled and looked around no one seems to have posted a media code

25 for $30

whats the part number? is this in store or online? I think the 1640 can burn anything :bigsmile:

This is a one day sale! Oct. 9 only!

Its on the first page of the national circular

I have no doubt I burn them but I want to know if these are pure crap DL, if so I will pass

They are memorex. My local store had 4 packs, I picked up 2. I’ll return them if they burn poorly. I’ll post a burn scan.

The Picture in the sale ad flyer looks like the Compusa brand, however I drove to the store and they were actually Memorex. Did 2 burns with no problem

Memorex are usually (if not always) Ritek D01 which is pretty crap I wouldn’t waste my money on them but you might get lucky “sometimes” they turn out okay.

The ones I just got are in fact Ritek D01. I’ve heard bad things about them but I think to some extent it depends on the drive and whether the firmware is up to date and can handle these. Pretty sure their are threads here about these disks and peoples luck with them. The Verbatim stuff works nice even at 8x with my 1640, as allready shown these only do 2.4 in every drive I have. I’ll have to pick some stuff and do a few and see what happens.

the first layer burned great, but the second :disagree:
Does anyone know if we can swap this write strategy with MKM001?

I’ll post a transfer test as well.

Tranfer test is quite good though.

I’d say with that transfer rate it’ll probably play fine. The verbatim ones I did were the opposite, first layer was OK, second was even better. My qscan results in the 1640 also mirror your actual burn :doh: Gonna do a scan in the 1620 next and see what happens.

Tried swapping the write strat with mkm 001. Doesn’t look any better (worse actually :slight_smile: ). I don’t know people, I think their going back (minus two discs of course :smiley: ).

Transfer is good again :o :disagree:

At the price of DL media, I wouldn’t buy anything but Verbs. Sure the Riteks are cheaper, but one bad one and you lost any price advantage and you’re still stuck with 2 pieces of questionable media. Just remember, crap in, crap out!

Just found out that my LG combo drive won’t recognize the discs, nor will my lite-on lvd-2001!!! Damn am I glad I returned those bad boys :iagree:

I wanted to give the discs a try, and knowing that they were unbranded gave the chance that they’d be verbatim. I’m one of the people who also say never again ritek/ridata, but I figured I’d give them a try. What a waste :puke:

edit: I burned them with dvd D. and used the mds file!

The first one I tried was a coaster due to Nero compatibility mode being on, second was fair, looked like the scans posted but seems to play fine on a Pioneer 563a. I burned it with a benQ 1621 with the latest firmware, second one was done with my 1640 and it looks a bit better scan wise.