Anyone use 1 Click Dvd Copy?

Looking for DVD 43?

Try AnyDVD for free instead. Faster, more up to date than DVD 43.


I have a post regarding Elby’s Clone dvd, however I also use 1 Click dvd Copy along with Any Dvd; both programs which I bought and am very satisfied with being a Noob.

The reason that I am asking about whether any member’s use this program is because the only reason that I am considering purchasing Elby’s Clone Dvd is because I have been using DVD Shrink to analyze, encode and then use Nero to burn; however the whole process is taking 3 hrs.

I do have quality settings on Shrink which I know slows the process and so I was wanting to find a program that does this process faster.
Then I wondered if I could be using my 1 Click Dvd copy program as the longest dvd music concert was 2hrs and 20 minutes and I simply thought that it would have been too long for the 1 Click Dvd copy to compress.

If there are any users of the 1 Click out there I would appreciate comments before I go out and buy another program Elby’s Clone dvd which is supposed to do any size of dvd.

I have a Toshiba notebook, intel pent 4, 1.9 ghz, 512 RAM

BenQ external burner, 16X dual layer, although I use 4.75 discs and TDK, Maxell,Sony or Imation as recommended by BenQ support.

I would appreciate comments, as perhaps I am not using this existing program to its utmost.


Not sure if this will help but here goes.
When I was using Windows XP I had the DVDShrink program which was really good, but was slow. Then I tried the trial version of Clone DVD which I really found terrific but my computer crashed and in the end I bought the new Vista program which then seemed to conflict with my Clone DVD. So, after some research I tried and purchased the 1clickDVD and downloaded the DVD43 which you need to run with it.
Now, I must say that I have had many times of pulling out my hair in regard to repeat problems of one kind or another and found that I had to change my burner drive which did not cost me extra as it was all new.
Anyway, I found that the customer support team at 1clickdvd were always there to answer my emails and they gave good information as to how to fix any problem I had with my trying to burn dvd copies. My problems were a little varied but basically all revolved around the unsuccessful copying at some point during either decoding or copying and my ending up with lots of 'coasters.'
I perservered and applied the advice from the support team and together with my different burner I can now say that for many weeks/months, I have been happily burning copies with really no problems and it is very very quick indeed. I do have one question that I am going to try and find out about and that is the fact that they update their software and when you go to open the 1clickdvd program it asks if you want to update to the latest version which I have been told by their support team is a good thing to do.
I am not so totally sure about this as it is a totally different interface and I want to find out more about it before changing.
I am not at my computer right now so I cannot tell you which version of the 1clickdvd I use that I like as I know there are a few available due to this upgrading all the time.
But, because I have the Windows Vista, I believe that not all copying/burning software can be used with great success on all types of Windows etc.
I will say in closing, that I do love my 1clickdvd pro, I think it is, because it is quick and easy and for the moment is behaving itself! If you like, when I get home I can find out the version I am using.
Angie :slight_smile:

I have been 1click user for several years I would recommend this product to everyone it is easy to use and makes great quality backups and the new problem titles are taken care of very quickly by the author of 1click and support is excellent.

If you have a 32 bit os you can use the free dvd43 works great as a decrypter if you have a 64 bit OS you will need Anydvd not free but a freee21 day trial.:flower:

Hi again,
I also need to mention that I bought some Taiyo Yuden (I think is the spelling) discs and they have been terrific. So do look at the media you use for burning. :slight_smile:

1Click will do a nice job compressing your music videos. Since you already have purchased 1Click and AnyDVD you are fine.

There are many programs available for backing up your movies so you could always download the trials and see what works best for you but my bet is you will return to 1Click.

If it’s taking 3 hours to do a movie I would check to make sure I was in the DMA mode and not the PIO mode

Good advice Jimbo, it sounds like the DMA went into PIO Mode.:wink: Look in your device manager under IDE settings and properties, it should look like this, maybe DMA4 if your firmware permits it. But not PIO.

I’ve been using 1click in conjunction with DVD43 for several years now, and it works great. I set the burn speed at 4X or less, as I find a slower burn produces a playable disc almost every time. Depending on the media, I do sometimes need to play on an all-region DVD unit, as I have learned that not all media will play on all units. 1click comes in especially handy to make copies of DVDs that the kids watch over and over, because they do tear up the discs pretty fast. This way I keep the originals safely tucked away from little fingers. I can’t afford to spend $15-$20 over and over again for the same title.

Its a very good software and you can safely burn at 8X with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media and get a good backup everytime.:wink: