Anyone upgrade from G7H9 to G7M9 for 1620?

Just received my 1620 from Newegg. It’s not a very happy experience. It took a whole week for them to ship it to me, just from S. CA to N. CA. After I opened the box, no software inside…

Anyway, I confirmed its f/w is G7H9 which is a bit outdated. I know there is a way to convert OEM G version to the retail B version. But, it’s kinda complicated. I wonder if anyone ever upgraded from G7H9 to G7M9 successfully.

I know i was unable to update my G firmware from H to M as i believe there was an issue with the firmeware package itself…

Anyways to be honest you do benifit from the conversion over to the true Benq B7M9 and its as easy as just installing 3 differnt firmware’s…about 10 minutes max of your time.

what do you gaine well faster releases of firmware itself, the ability for your burning apps to over speed your dvd media (4x@8x ect). The ability to go 4x DL in next future firmware release for benq1620 drives…there is more but you get the point.

Read through that post if you have not already… It explaines in perfect detail how to cross flash it…


I just received the OEM version last week from newegg - it included the Benq software, which includes their bitsetting software, plus a host of other software.

Not sure why you did not receive any software. The price has dropped, even in just the past week.

I upgraded from the same H firmware to the G7M9 without any problems. I should probably try to take that back down the road to the retail firmware, but right now, everything is working just fine on the G firmware.

Thanks for the info. I also upgraded mine from G7H9 to G7M9 now. I have burned a CD-R without any problem. DVD-R and +R will be tested tonight.

Back to Newegg, they said they probably forgot to have the software CD in my shipping box. I also noticed my burner seems to be crushed a little bit.

Hmm… if there was no evidence of damage to the shipping box, you might have gotten someone else’s return.

I was under the impression, from other messages on this forum, that the only benefit was faster release of firmware… and that all other features were identical. Do you know for a fact that this is not true? If so, I might try to downgrade, then cross flash.

Yeah, I also worry about that. I have burned 2 CD-Rs and 1 DVD-Rs without any problem. The quality test for the Newegg’s DVD-R burned @ 4X is attached. Do you think I need to issue a RMA?

That’s your call. Are you absolutely sure that the minor damage to the drive was not caused during your own handling or installation? BTW, The scan looks fine. I noticed mine keep getting better - not sure if that was the drive “breaking in” (if there is such a thing) or if the first few discs in my spindle were of lesser quality.

It’s an interesting point. So, keeping the drive power-on counts the “breaing in”? Or, I need to really burn discs. I just burned my 2nd DVD-R this morning. The graph is a bit worse than the 1st. I am sure the data is very fragmental on the HD. The burning process did stop several time waiting for the reload of the buffer. Based on these factors, I have to admit the 1620 did a not bad job.

Bought OEM at New egg for $67 US. Also very disapointed in shipping time. benQ customer service was no help on difference on B and G firmware. Followed 2 steps found on this fourum and I now have a retail version running on B7P9. Thanks for all the great posts!

I was so sad to see 1620 was deals of the day yesterday which was 59.99 only. :a

time prolly depends on where they ship from and where your at :wink:
atacom i usually get the next day but am california to california.
mwave and new egg take 2 days california to california
for me depends on how quick it gets to ups hub or fed ex hub

if there is a time frame make sure you do it quickly, when you order OEM most of the time you are on your own for repairs :Z (OEM vs Retail)…so claim shipping damage.

On the time frame I bought a sacd player at best buy, the digital optic cable (spid) didnt work by the time I got back into the store it was day 32 of the 30 days return/exchange time frame…they wouldnt do anything…said I should have bought their extended warranty… :a