Anyone tweeked dsl speeds?

I was just getting antsy…and wanted to see if i can tweek the speeds i dl/ul heres my diagnosics …

so i found out my MTU is actually 1400 and not 1500

how do you change the settings for RWIN? and what would be an acceptable number to start with?i found this formula The formula for finding your “ideal” RWIN, is to take your latency (average ping time in ms x 1.5), multiply that by your advertised (download) speed, and divide that by 8.

so you think it would work or am i just wasting my time to even think about doing it?

You’re wasting your time, get a better ISP if your ping sucks.
If your MTU is 1400 something is very wrong.

thanks Drpino…

i’ve tested my download and upload speed 2 different sites…
and heres what i got…
from my provider…bellsouth
download 214.5 Kbps
upload 107.5 Kbps

download 229 Kbps
Upload 104.0 Kbps

what does your provider state you should be running at?

technically your speed is limited at the local exchange in the hardware…so there s not much tweaking u can do for adsl

but there always overheads from the ISP…if u use something like DUmeter, you can see a constant dl of 1 kB/s

PS> you are on 256K ADSL???

IP provider states that download should be 256 and upload should be 128

so should i be bitchy about a few lost pkts…and demand them to run a homerun line…or just…forget about it?

oh yeah i did update my drivers for the modem they provided as well…

yes i’m on 256 K ADSL

Nah, I wouldn’t worry about it. You are pretty much getting what your paying for. Sometimes it may run even faster than that, so I wouldn’t worry about it. :iagree:

Sorry if is off-topic, but how much do you pay for this connection? In Italy prices varies from 20 to about 40 euro/month :Z :Z :Z (1 euro is about 1,1 USD)

well i don’t pay much for it…
its figured into my regular phone bill
which has unlimited long distance and the dsl and i have Direct tv cable all for 75 USD

In Italy only ADSL (24/7 @4 Mega in download) without tv and without telephone line costs a little less than 40 euro/month

SS try they are good too, I use them with when i test

Thanks Mr X…your the man !!!

and you da woman