Anyone try dvdfab decrypter yet?

is it true it’s basically like dvd decrypter?

not even close, tried it don’t like it. showed my dvd burner as a cd-rom drive. Dvdfab decrypter is just a stripped down version of their xpress. Now the dvdfab Platinum (which has gold & xpress) I tried and found it to work quit nice, even copied the new sony protection with no problems.

DVDFab Decryptor is a VERY simple program. It just copies the entire dvd structure to your hard drive. It does this fairly well. But, you have NO control over the process. You select the region, the dvd, and the folder to rip to on your hard drive. Press the button, and it does its thing. It’s supported and updated to handle new protections. I realize we’re all spoiled with DVDD and all, but, this product IS free so you really can’t ask for too much.

This tool is nice and like the guys said it’s free, if you like it you can purchase the retail
or full version!