Anyone try burning D01 DL at 1x?

Or any of the other DL media’s out there. If the majority of 2.4x burns fail, why not try 1x? I know it’ll take a million years for the burn to complete, but a successful burn is worth it. I wish I had some to try out, returned the last batch. :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy burned RICOHJPND00 at 1x on his nec 3530.

You cannot burn DVD+R DL at 1x that is a typo, the minimum speed for the DVD+ format discs is 2.4x

If all you want to do is burn DVD+R DL media well then you’ll have to wait for BenQ to improve their DVD+R DL write strategies or get a Pioneer DVR-110D which seems to burn most DL bar Ritek pretty good.

Most drives do not support burning slower than 2x

BenQ 1640 minimum burn speed is 2.4x so this is impossible on this drive.

Why would you want to burn the media slower than the rated speed, surely if the media is rated at that speed it should be capable of being burnt at that speed, if its not with your current burner then change the media to a different brand. The link only states that the media burnt on the drive and was readable on the readers it does not do any scan results so could have a high error rate that is still below the threshold of the readers used.

I know that dvd decrypter will allow a burn speed of 1x!

I’m going to try it on a SL disc.

Okay, so I tried :doh:

dvd D. allow selection of 1x, but writes at 2.4x. :bow:


The lowest speed for all + Formats are 2,4x

BenQ 1640 minimum burn speed is 2.4x so this is impossible on this drive.

Not entirely correct, the minimum speed is 1.2x with (some?) 1x DVD-RW. I don’t have any 1x -R, so not sure if it burns those at 2.4x or 1.2x.


yep, I have DVD-RW 1x

They burnt at 2.4x and fail on reading. I checked the firmware using the mod tool and there are no 1x burn spec’s for any media, slowest is 2x

I have 2x DVD-RW and the Benq write it in bad quality @2,4x. So I think that the lowest speed is 2,4x, not 2x

Since BenQ drives are built around the +R and the chipset is based on +r format the slowest speed it can write is 2.4x which is the slowest speed of +R media. This means any -RW/R media rated at anything under 4x has problems as it has to be written at 2.4x minimum even if media is 1x or 2x.

That’s what I call a bug from the Benq.
Hell, overspeeding 1x DVD-RW to 2x is possible, but not 2.4x which is the slowest possible speed for +R/RW.

2x with 1x RW-media can be critical, too. But maybe it works good on 1x -R

I know from my own testing that it burns 1x DVD-RW at 1.2x. I was unable to find a scan to prove it, but if you insist I guess I can run cdspeed… but I’d prefer if you just took my word for it since it would take close to 1 hour. :frowning:

Edit: I found a scan after all. :slight_smile: You can clearly see that the burn speed curve is lower than 2x.


True, but it works with good media and a good drive. :wink: