Anyone tried to backup Basic yet?



Trying to backup so I can take it on the plane for a business trip.

Just spins in my LTD163D. DVD Decrypter does nothing with it as well. Get address errors all over the place.

Any ideas?

Just tried again. Says it isn’t a valid DVD format.


Tried Smartripper?

Check here for more!


Originally posted by Wookie
[B]Tried Smartripper?

Check here for more! [/B]

Didn’t work with DVD Decrypter… thinking Smartripper won’t help. Given the fact that it was just released, I’m thinking there must be a new copy protection out there.


I used DVD decrypter and Instant Copy and works fine…I used LTD 163 to rip and my nec 100A to burn at 4x on 4x media and works fine


could it be media related?


Don’t think so because it plays fine in my Denon DVD. I would assume if there was something wrong with the media it would hinder playback via computer DVD player and home DVD player.

It just wasn’t flat out recognized by my 510UL and LTD163D.


very strange…mine on tdk media(ricoh 4x dvd+r) works fine in all my player and ltd 163

wonder what it is… is it -r media?


I backed up Basic just fine using DVDDecryptor and a Lite-On 163-D and my Pioneer 104.