Anyone tried this new Shrinkto5?

I did and at first I had a bit of trouble but after getting the burner option and find the elusive machinist.dll I backed up Crash without any problems. I even had anydvd turned off. This program still has a long way to go but it’s fun to play with. I’m still planning on using shrink with anydvd and burning with nero or decrypter for awhile but as I said it’s fun to play with. The end result isn’t as good as with these old standbys but it is new. What the hey!

its always good to know that there is a sec option out there :iagree:

I have used shrinkto5 and found it easy to use. In fact there’s not many changes you can make to confuse you or go wrong with. I haven’t got the burning plug-in so I can’t comment on that. I am having problems getting the disks to play on my Sony DVP-S525 (error: C 13 00) but on PC and cheap standalone player works a treat.

Resulting movie was not as sharp as a few other films I’ve seen (programs unknown) so there probably is better out there but, like J D said, it is new and it is worth a stab!!