Anyone tried the new Nimbie Sidekick autoloader for Epson printers?

There is a new autoloader for Epson printers called the Nimbie Sidekick. It list for $695. Available for $595. from Has anyone tried it? What do you think of it? Am giving serious consideration to purchasing one, but do not want to pay $595. as a “beta tester”.
The description reads that this can be added to several Epson printers including the Artisan 50 (which I have with CIS system).

It looks alright to me if you are planning on printing a lot of disc’s each and every day
for that kind of money you’d have to use it quite a lot. :iagree: It is customary to include a
link to the product(s) so others can give you their thoughts on it also, so I will put the
link in this post for you.

I just sent mine back for an exchange. :Z what a disaster. :iagree: I accused them of making me a beta tester. :doh:
I use TY watershield and every single one gets stuck. :a I must give it a push at the right time to keep the thing going otherwise you need to un–jam. shutdown everything and reboot. There is no clear and reset to keep printing. This product is in it’s infancy. The software doesn’t properly shutdown most of the time and I have to pull the plug on the PC (WinXP).

If the new one still stinks. after I get my job done I shall send that heap of crap back. (at least it will have saved me $$$ on ink :smiley: )

I am tempted to take the thing apart and fix it’s flaws.
Plus that dumb cardboard box it sits on is so trashy looking. “here client is out printing station, ignore the cardboard box it sits on.”

my 2 cents.

FYI: non-TY watershield seem to work in this machine correctly but I almost exclusively use TY watershield. I went on this site to see if Verbatim’s AquaAce is a good replacement for my TY. (I want the gloss and water’‘proof’'ness) If AquaAce doesn’t get stuck in this machine then I may go that route.

The problem you describe with encountering error messages when printing CD/DVDs is one I anticipated.
I had an exchange of email messages with the manufacturer and they claimed to never have encountered this problem.
[B]This is in fact a common problem with each and every Epson printer I have ever used. [/B]They all report that the CD/DVD is not loaded properly anytime you attempt to print more than one disc.
Problem is with the printer itself, I think, not the Nimbie.
This is the main reason I hesitated to purchase it.
Thank you for your feedback. You have saved me from wasting several hundred dollars on this product.

No the printer works fine. It is the Nimbie. Although the printer is a bit finicky with loading one at a time.(without Nimbie)

the disk gets stuck in the loader not the printer. And the printer isn’t rejecting the tray.

Well I got my Nimbie replaced. (they paid for shipping both ways) It has at least one new designed part (that I can see) to keep the disk from getting stuck when it unloads. It seems the TY watershields are no longer getting stuck.

so I have to say (after 3 hours of use) everything is working good. :clap:

My department just bought one recently. and the SIDEKICK is working well~

Now printing dvd with beautiful labels is no longer a tiring job for me ~:D:D