Anyone tried the new Imation AquaGuard DVD's yet?

Saw them here at TIGERDIRECT - the only semi-reputable place I found tonight that had 'em:

Curious how they work for people.

Has anyone tried these Imation AquaGuard disks yet? Do they really work as advertised, with no smudging at all?

Here’s the Imation web page about the disks:

Sounds pretty cool, and Imation is carried in a lot of stores, so they should be easy to find.

I want to try them, but the price needs to be $.30/disk MAX, ~$1/disk is just [I]way[/I] too much for imations IMO. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled at B&Ms tho :iagree:

I’m willing to pay a buck a disk to try it. It’s only money, after all… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just didn’t want to fork out $99 for a printer if it doesn’t work as advertised.

Lightscribe disks are about a buck a piece for DVD’s, but don’t do color and have that funky plastic thing obscuring the label surface (CD’s label surface is near the top of the plastic on the disk)

But it takes too long and the idea of inkjet color that doesn’t smear - hey - that’s kinda swanky.

Plus, it’s fun to tinker, and ink-jet should print MUCH faster than 23 min for a single Lightscribe pass.

inkjet printables are the only way to go IMO, at best quality my epson R320 takes less than 2 minutes to print a disk and they look amazing :iagree: you can’t tell its a dvd-r unless you look at the data side. ATM I’m just using regular tyg02 hub printables that were ~$.35/disk shipped…I’m too lazy to spray them and I haven’t noticed any smearing yet, but I’m carefull with them too, so YMMV (I had to break my bad habit of using jewel cases as costers :o :stuck_out_tongue: ). I hope watershield/aquaguard become more affordable and more available, cause that would be cool to just print them and forget about them

I think now that there are SMEAR PROOF and SMUDGE PROOF and WATERPROOF print-on disks becoming commonly available, I think that Inkjet Printables may well be one of the better, if not best, way for home users to go.

I have waited a long time because of the smudge/smear factor, and it appears that the time is finally coming where I may want to take the plunge.

The entry cost of Lightscribe was very low - it came built in to a $35 Lite-On Burner, and the media prices are dropping to about $.40 cents per CD but still about $1.00 for a DVD. If the Imation Printables come any where close, I’ll be happy.

But I still need to spend another $100 on an Ink Jet printer that I really would not need, except for its ability to print on CD and DVD blanks. That is a little harder for me to get behind, but I think I will eventually go that route. Maybe after Xmas - early 2007. Right now I’m kinda tapped. Getting the iMac, getting ready for Xmas presents, etc. I saved a long time for the iMac, but there ain’t too much left to spare now that I got a couple of other things. So, I’ll try to be patient.

I’m hoping someone who has had a chance to use them will be able to post here and let us know how the Imation AquaGuard holds up.

maybe there will be a deal on a printer black friday (if you are brave enough to shop on BF :bigsmile: ). I was one of the lucky ones that got the r320 for $35 after rebate a few months back at radio shack. Keep an eye out at meritline for sales on compat ink for the epsons too, I got 36 carts for $36 shipped, I’m still on the ink that came with the printer, but other people here have started using them already and they said they are just as good as originals.

Lightscribe is rubbish and utter crap. It takes long, results are poor and its expensive. Buy a Canon Pixma.

I live in the US - we don’t have access to Canon’s with CD trays.

Results on Lightscribe can actually be quite good, and it is not much more expensive than printable disks and such. But it does take FAR TOO LONG to make even one pass at max quality.

You can get an Epson R series almost free, but the ink is exspensive. I use a bulk inking system and several people have easy to refill modified catidges. Check Ebay for them, there are 3 different ink types standard dye, UV dye, and pignant ink which is thee most costly and some claim more durable. I use the UV Dye ink.

Mack has guides on the different printables. I like the verbs myself and never had a problem with smurges.


genuine ink for any brand printer is a rip off, thats why they allways give printers away for free or nearly free, they know the consumer will need ink eventually and they can charge whatever they want because the printer is no good without the ink. I got 6 sets of compatable carts for 1/2 the price epson wants for one set :smiley: