Anyone tried the Buffalo 8.37 firmware with bitsetting yet?

Check it out here

Anyone tried it out yet? If yes pls let us know if its bitsetting enabled?

Yes it is enabled. No the RPC-1 version is not available… yet!

wow, I think I finally found my next drive. Buffalo now has a 110 version (non D), it should also have bitsetting :smiley:

next drive? Why not just get a regular 110 and flash this firmware to it. Same thing in the end.

I was just illustration that buffalo has a 110 version available now. ( of course I plan to get the pio version ) :slight_smile:

I hope someone confirms the cross flash with bitsetting and ram support :smiley:

crossflash i havent done it yet,but i’ve flashed my 110d with the 8.37 and apparently it has bitsetting on but not RPC 1 tho.

On a side note, is there anyone with the 110D having problems with TTG02 DVD-R’s. As I can only use DVDinfo pro to check the burn quality (for some reason I cant get any of nero tools working on my XP 64 installation), it seems to be spiking up at the end of the disc.

Does your drive show ram support now? I don’t know which version tdb made available.

nopes i didnt flashed it with the 110’s firmware.

So it looks like the ram+bitsetting FW is not ready yet for the 110D :bow: :slight_smile:

Guess is correct.

I was told that it works OK. Burns DVD-RAM media and sets the Book Type of +R media flawlessly.
Unfortunately I don’t have any DVD-RAM discs at home to try.

I just ordered the ASUS (110) from the egg for $40 shipped.

Hey, how was it flashed, the file is only an exe. don’t we need seperate files (kernal + other) to use DVRflash? :slight_smile:

It simply unpacks itself into a directory where you run it from. In this folder you will find another executable which will extract your binaries into a default: “C:\DVR110_OIN\FW837EU”
Use these files (smaller is kernel bigger is firmware) with DVRFlash 2.2 with a -ff flag.

anyone crossed flash the 110D with the 110 fw yet? is there any other things to look forward to besides able to write DVD-RAM when you crossflash to the 110’s fw?
I doubt that i’ll be using any DVD-RAM anytime soon in the near future

links for original Buffalo 8.37 firmwares are

Buffalo DVM-RXH16FB (Pioneer DVR-110D)

Buffalo DVSM-XH516FB (Pioneer DVR-110)

download link is bottom…

hideto I crossflash 110D to A10XL with DVRupdate v 1.0
All work without any problems, i able write DVD-RAM discs. I use hacked DVD-RAM drivers by means of this instructions

I have crossed flashed my pioneer 110d > A10XLA > 110 with Buffalo 8.37 firmware with bitsetting .
DVD-RAM works and so does bitstting.
I used Dvdupdate 1.0.0 to do it

Lots of peeps have done this within the last 3 weeks.

Been flashing 110D’s firmware left ,right n centre but havent tried crossflashin it with 110 yet. I dont even have a DVD-RAM to test it out anyways…probably will do it when i get myself some blank DVD-RAM. Thx for all the response

Hmmm… I have been looking for a new drive!!! The Buffalo just sold me…