Anyone tried new Blindsuite and new protections?

heej d00ds,

Well followed the links from the blindsuite news to here but no Blindsuite info to be found.
Maybe its still early in some parts o’the world :smiley: :smiley:

Well, its says they use the new pattin-couffin engine, any1 tried it with the new Safedisk version and Securom version ?!
MAybe they tweaked it a little ??? maybe, hope hope perhaps ?! :confused: :bow:

Well , I’m gonna try it soon, and get back to ya !

OW wait, I havent got any games with these new protections ! damn ! :a

Ow nd I saw some ppl, trying very hard to get the new securom versions through hexediting, pm me, I have a tool wich gives you the version … works !!!


According to this thread in the cdr forum the new BW vesrion has some minor bug fixes plus it is reported to be faster while extracting subs.

You can read the CDFreaks BW Review to get an idea on how it copes with copy protected games.