Anyone tried Memorex Dual Layer DVD+R?

CompUSA has them on sale, $11.97 for 3 disks. I have had mixed results with memorex in the past, but this is a good price and I am tempted. Has anyone tried these? How does the quality scan look?

Those MEMOREX dual layer DVD+R discs are RITEK. Someone over at posted some scans and it wasn’t pretty. I would use the VERBATIM DUAL LAYER. :wink:

These are Ritek D01 which are a mixed bag. If you go, pray they are out and they substitute Verbatim instead!! They are far better DL media and 4X support in the DW1620. The Ritek are only 2.4X.

Hmm, interesting. Speaking from experience, I am not happy with either…

1st scan: Memorex DL (Ritek) burned on 1620 B7T9 @ 2.4x
2nd scan: Verbatim DL (MKM) burned on 1620 B7T9 @ 4x

Of course I was about a week early on my “research” so I didn’t get them as cheap.

General rule…Memorex = CRAP media.

I guess I’ll never know as my local Compusa would only substitute a 3 pack of Memorex as they have a shipment of the singles coming in tomorrow.

I completely agree. I have had back luck with Memorex CD-Rs, DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs (2.4x and 4x) and DVD+R DL.

Yeah, I know, you think I would have learned my lesson by now. :frowning:

Memorex = NEVER AGAIN!

Wow, those KProbe scans that lightning9 posted above look pretty bad! I would expect the 2nd layer scan to look worse than the 1st layer, but the Verbatim scan that he posted shows that the 1st layer scan is much worse than the 2nd?

lightning9, did either one of the two disks that you posted above play correctly on your stand alone DVD player? (In the past I have had scans that looked as bad as yours, but the disks played OK).

Has anyone tried the Memorex dual layer disks with the Benq 1620 drive? What do those scans look like?

Haven’t played the Verbatim yet. Just burned it late last night. The Memorex made the layer change ok but had some pretty bad glitches, skips, pixelations throughout the movie.

My settop player is a Sony DVP-NC655P and it has been able to play pretty much anything I’ve thrown. The only problems I have had were with some Memorex 2.4x +RWs (INFODISC) and some Ritek -Rs.

BTW, these were burned on my BenQ. I only scanned them on my LiteOn.

I should have noticed that you had already said that in your original post. :confused:

After seeing those scans, I am not sure if I want to try dual layer at all.

Tried both the Verbatim and Ritek DL media in both a BenQ 1620 and NEC 3520 and havent got a good burn yet. Dual layer is not ready yet :frowning: IMO. I can burn a single layer DVD+R and get a 99% quality score in both drives.

DL disks have pixilation in the movie in different places. Verbatim not as bad as Ritek. Use DVD decrypter in ISO mode and burn with MDS in decrypter.

This evening I will try one of the Verbatims in my LiteOn with 832s firmware and see what happens. Didn’t work with the Ritek but…?

Can’t use the MDS file because the old version of DVD Decrypter I used to rip the movie didn’t create one.

I think you need the MDS file to get the proper layer break position. It might work without it but don’t know.
I am very dissapointed with the DL abilities of these drives but not many people have posted in the forum about them.
As much as people post about saving a few seconds off record times or quality scans you would think more would complain about DL writes.

Yes, I agree. That is why I started the Post your 1620 Dual Layer Media Here thread but no other posts yet.

I think your going to find in the survey that the only two media that are readily available are the Ritek and Verbatim. :frowning:
Until we get some better media and better firmware (maybe complain alot to BenQ :wink: ) the DL write won’t get better. IMHO

Yes, but I was hoping to see the result of different revs of firmware and, in the case of the MKM media, different burn speeds.

General rules = crap idea. :Z
8X Memorex media are CMC Magnetics A grade. CMC MAG AE1 & CMC MAG E01. These are great quality discs. :rolleyes:
I guess in the future they will use CMC DL media as well.

I think that the reason we haven’t heard more complaints is that most of us have not tried the DL disks because they are just too expensive compared to the single-sided ones. I would rather split a movie into 2 single-sided DVDs than pay the price for a DL disk. On top of that, the few scans that have been posted do not look good, and the burned DL disks have pixelation and skipping problems. Who wants to spend 10 times more for a disk that will most likely not work. :eek:

Still, I did not expect to see such bad scans with both the Verbatim and the Ritek DL disks. You would think that if the drive supports DL, that it would be able to burn the recommended disks (Verbatim) successfully. I was hoping to use a DL disk for the occasional movie backup where it would be advantageous to not split it into 2 single-sided disks. However, I have to agree with RPM2. It looks like dual layer is not yet ready.

Thats not true. Memorex can have a lot of really good media codes.
And I posted this exact same thread, WITH some scans and got like 2 useless replies. WTF?

Yes, dual layer media is still too expensive but my use would also be for the occasional full quality backup of a movie (or trilogy :wink: ).

I have now spent ~$35 on six pieces of DL media. The three Riteks were a waste - all of them pixelate and skip. I have burnt one Verbatim so far and, although I haven’t watched the entire move, the layer change worked fine and have not yet seen a pixelation or skip. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Heck, I almost could have bought the entire retail trilogy for the same money. But my main geeky goal was research and what’s $35 in the name of research?