Anyone tried InCD 4 with nero 7?



Hi everyones…thanks to read.
I have bought the DVR-111D from Pioneer and the Nero 6 i’ve got with it is only an OEM, so no burning rom, only Nero Express. I always pay for good software so i wanted to buy Nero 7…especially for the custom installation that is offered in 7. Nonetheless, i’ve read a lot of user-written opinions about it and it really seems that it’s money at risk considering that people who didn’t had any issue with Nero 7 are outnumbered by those who did. :confused: A friend who use the 7, “lent” his serial # so i downloaded from Nero the Nero- install file and gave it a try.

Did the custom install but noticed that InCD was not on the components list. Thought that it would be installed anyway so i did choose the Nero Burning Rom and Nero CoverDesigner and discarded the other components from the installation. Realized thereafter that InCD 5 didn’t installed. I’ve reverted to an earlier image of my C: drive i’ve made a few days ago before trying Nero 6. Then i’ve tried again to reinstall Nero This time i’ve tried the “typical install” to do a test… Same results…no InCD 5! It’s then that i’ve started to be bad and download many earlier Nero 7 versions, serials, and keygens. Tried four different version of Nero 7, with many different serials for each (believe me, the pre-nero image i did from the C: drive was VERY handy! :wink: ) and nothing to do… InCD 5 totally invisible after install. I did tried what Nero suggest on this url: but like during the install process, it wasn’t displayed in the list. I knew that InCD 5 was indeed included with the Nero 7 installer because i did extracted all the .CAB files in a temporary folder and could then find many InCD-related files. Then, after all that, i’ve found the following thread here:

It seems that there’s no way to install it under Win 98SE (that i use) or WinME. A user in this thread posted: I suspect that v5 only supports 2000/XP and not earlier systems but Ahead haven’t updated the page. Anyone succeeded to get InCD 5 installed under Win98SE/WinME? To go to the point, if it happens that there’s no way to get InCD 5 installed from Nero 7 under my actual OS, it is possible to install and use an InCD 4 version, after Nero burning rom 7 is installed? TIA for any reply…


I was able to use InCD 4 with Nero 7. You just have to install Nero 7 first, then InCD 4. I am using Win XP though, so I don’t know if it will be different for 98SE.


Thanks for your reply Strachan. I can’t understand why InCD 5, from the Nero 7 package, won’t install on Win98/ME and many here don’t understand either. I’ll simply try to install InCD 4 after Nero Burning Rom 7 as you did. According to the post i’ve read, InCD 4 anyway seems more “reliable”. :wink:


I’d guess it’s been changed so it runs as a service.


You be better off to disable the INCD altogether in Nero 7 many people have problem with it.