Anyone tried 4160B firmware on 4120B?

Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone has tried to flash the firmware from 4160B onto 4120B, to make it 16X DVD+R capable? is it feasible theoretically or these two drives simply use different hardwares.
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no one dare to try. including myself.

Then who found out that 4081B can be hacked to become 4082B??

I would try it, but I bought my oem drive in Vancouver. I live in Kelowna - about 400 km (250 miles). I could return it within 30 days no questions asked, but do not want to make the trip. Anyway, mine works perfectly with A104. :iagree:

i dun remember there r users successfully converted their 4081 to 4082. in fact there have been sm posts saying this conversion is not workable. i think the main problem is no one is good at tweaking the LG f/w unlike what ppl do to Liteon drives


It is possible
Read this here are te facts!!!
Thanks to The Dangerous Brothers! and all the test stuff :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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