Anyone think there's a chance that the DVR-108 will ever support bit setting?

or is it physically impossible? i really want to get the pioneer over the nec3500a, but the thing that’s holding me back is the inability to bitset SL dvd+r discs. based on multiple reviews, it’s pretty much proven that the pioneer is as good, if not greater, than many of the important reading/writing tests.

however i own several old dvd players so no bit setting irks me… i’m waiting about another week or two in hopes of there being a new firmware that will do this…

so anyone have any idea if pioneer will support bit setting? i know they promote the dvd-r discs but i don’t understand why they can’t support this feature if they want to sell more drives.


Hi there,

i. Yes, its physically possible.

ii. In these old DVD players, does -R media work?

iii. I have spoken to the technical director of Pioneer Australia on numerous occasions concerning the implementation of bitsetting. Despite our efforts, Japan tell us it’s not going to happen. The justification? Pioneer’s sales do not reflect a loss in market share as a result of a lack of bitsetting.

For me at least, bitsetting to SL +R media has lost most of its purpose.

is it because your dvd players use dvd-r just fine or are there other reasons? i’m not sure if my dvd players are compatible… but they are over 3-4 years old for some of them

i just dont want to risk it in the end.

Mainly because all the drives I needed to put recorded media in, just worked fine with -R media. I never needed +R SL bitsetting --> ROM to make them work.

It’s going to be a case of deja vu’ with the formation of the DVD-R DL specification. Bitsetting will more than likely not be required for older hardware to detect and play it back correctly.

The opinion amongst most of us (inclusive of the firmware patching community) is that if in doubt - just burn on -R media and see how it goes first, then if you are really in trouble, shoot for the bitsetting, and see if it helps the situation.

Personally, I have no qualms with Pioneer’s strict stance on the matter, but this is only one standpoint of a single person. Others have different experiences.

thanks zebra. your thoughts will help me decide what to buy in the following week or so :slight_smile:

Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.
The only way to get bitsetting on a Pioneer is to not buy Pioneer anymore…
When their market share suffers then and only then will they listen to their customers.
Gotta love that attitude… :rolleyes:

From my perspective, I am very pleased with the SL scans I have from my 3500. Every middle quality medium I burn has a better quality scan than I saw with Pioneer or Liteon. If you are forced to go to NEC because of your bitsetting issues you will not be disappointed.

True! NEC drive is nice! Pio just ignoring our needs right now… prove a point ok…

I have known Pioneer as a good brand (I have the DVR-108); however my burnt DVD-Rs are unreadable in my LG DRD-8160B, mostly because the drive generates high C1/C2 error rates near the end of the disk. Pioneer could have done it better and supported bitsetting and DVD-RAM write!!! :a