Anyone think SATA CD-ROM is possible

Does anyone think the technology is possible?

Will we see SATA CD-ROM based Optical drives?

Aside the speed effeciancy, which is actually probably somewhat redundant in comparison to the speed capability a HDD can reach, I think SATA is easier to handle, there is much less cableing involved, the cables are so much neater and its just such an improvement overall.

So who thinks this technology can/will ever take effect?

Plextor actually announced a 12x DVD burner this month…

The new plextor drive will be a SATA based drive wont it? I think SATA drives will prevail as they cost the companies the same if not less money to make and they offer better perfomance (not really the speed increase of the SATA over PATA but i do think SATA controllers do not get as “staffed”). It will take time though.

You can expect to see a Liteon SATA CDRW very soon. It will be the 52A8S, and appears to be at least similar to the 5238S PATA drive. According the the report from the CeBit show, LiteOn may or may not make a SATA DVDRW a bit later on.

i think its possible.
it better be, my MB has 3 open Sata connectors on it.
or are the called slots ??? they don’t look like slots though ??? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: