Anyone still uses a SATA-DVD-ROM?


For an experiment I want to buy a DVD-ROM. Not many models left, some Samsung, LG DH18NS50 and LiteOn iHDS118. The technical specs I found mention 18x DVD-ROM, but knows anyone it´s 18x for ROM-only or also for DVD-/+R?


DVD-ROM now, but a Samsung SH-S203D DVD-R/RW yes :slight_smile:


Sure, the S203D can read 18x? I found in the specs only 16x


You need a modified firmware to be able to read at 18x, you will have to search on the samsung dvd-rw forum to find out how to patch it.
I remember that also some liteon burners could achieve 18x read with modified firmware, but i am not sure how if its worth going from 16x to 18x, you will only gain a few seconds when ripping a dvd.


Thought so :wink:

Like I said, for experiments i look for a read-only-drive and wonder why there are 18x, even when DVD-ROM-drive were legacy while DVD-writers offer 16x read but 24x write-speed.

My last DVD-ROM-drives I bought about more than 10 years ago and I remember many of those drives weren´t so fast at read DVD-R/RW like the writers.

I know 18x will not save much time but it would be interesting whether it reach 18x with +/-R or will it slow down?

The old Toshiba 1612 and 1712 were very slow at reading R-media with official FW, I think 2x-5x CAV. With modified FW from it can read up to 16x but it slows down everytime at higher speeds


I am guessing that 18x is a marketing thing, some of the new drives were rip-locked so they were not able to reach their maximum speed with DVD-ROM, only with -/+R media. A fine example is the Toshiba that you mention, once you applied the unlocked firmware the read speed went up.

Also most DVD RW could achieve the 18x-20x-24x write speed only with MCC and TY media, all other MID’s were still limited to 16x, and for a good reason, most of then were mediocre.


You know, higher = better :wink:

LG is the only I know which can burn 24x to MCC, Liteon and Samsung can only do it for TY. But to have agood burn with these speeds are not easy.

Do you have no Pioneer DVR? Pioneer overspeeds a lot media, 24x is only possible with TY. But 20x is possible with UME02, AML 003, MXL RG04 (rare media), 18x with CMC MAG AM3, OPTODISCR016.

But even I don´t dare to use these speeds on specific media, except I only burn >3,5GB