Anyone still selling nec 3500? in usa?

anyone still selling nec 3500? any web site in usa?

They only have 5 left, so you better hurry. Of course you could always get a Mad Dog :wink:

I think this is it…

Mad Dog MultiMedia Megastor 6- in-1 Internal DVD+/-RW Drive.
Item # 20854318 , Style # MD-16XDVD9

at OfficeMax

If you want a 3500, DON’T buy one of the 5 left at! They are not 3500’s–they are 3520’s. I know, because I bought one last week. It was silver, and I was so excited! When it arrived on Thursday, after I opened it, I discovered it was a 3520. I called them on Friday, and they verified that they are all 3520’s. They issued a call tag for Federal Express and will be refunding my money. There will soon be 6, instead of 5, but they are all 3520’s!


Anyone try here

or here ?
Says updated as of 3/27/05

why would you want a 3500 instead of a 3520 ?


Saw a couple of places on the East Coast that seem to have some 3500’s left on

I would call to confirm before ordering though-


what about the compusa mad dog model? It’s supposed to be a 3500 but some people are getting 3520 out of the box.

Mike, most of those stores are either “out of stock” or “on back order.” I doubt that they will be receiving any more 3500’s.

I have located one store in California–Computer3G–that is offering “NCM-ND-3500’s” in beige, black or silver. The description states that they are “NEC-Mitsubishi” products. The only NEC-Mitsubishi products I can find are monitors.

I have placed a call to Computer3G. I must be mistaken that the company is in California, though, because the lady I asked to speak with (got her name on the Reseller Ratings website) is at “lunch.” Who eats lunch at 10:00 a.m.? :slight_smile:

I will let you know if this company actually has the 3500’s. The price is $78, no software included, and includes free shipping. Their ratings are either very satisfied or very dissatisfied–no middle ground–and if you receive a DOA product, you are directed to the manufacturer to resolve the problem.

I am somewhat suspicious about the “silver” item, however, because NEC says that the drive is available in black or beige only. On the other hand, they are making 3520’s in silver. I know, because I got one that I am returning. Maybe they slapped a silver bezel on some of the later 3500’s? Maybe I will call NEC to verify.



indeed, why?

Yo Scarlett-

That computer3g forever looks like it is in Edison, New Jersey-that’s why the lady is at lunch at 10am - your time-

This is one of the ones that I was referring to-

Good luck-



The lady at Computer3G called me back. They do not have any more 3500’s. The replacement is the 3520.

Do you want to tell those guys why the 3500 is better than the 3520? All I know is that the 3500 is a “tank” and the 3520 is a “Humvee.” :slight_smile:

Back to my quest–I am beginning to think that the Holy Grail would be easier to find!


According to a post elsewhere, yes, it is a 3500a, if the serial number is 833054998975. I’m not sure whether the serial number is located on the outside of the box, or if you have to open the box to find it.

I missed a sale on a Mad Dog that had already been flashed with the NEC firmware. It sold for $49–“he who hesitates is lost.” :slight_smile:


Yo Scarlett-

Just did a “google” for the 3500 - here’s an outfit on eBay that claims to have 19 of them left for $70 shipped-


Mike -

Thanks for the link to eBay! I had already checked this company out. Very bad ratings at Reseller Ratings. Also, if you go to their website, they say they have 900+ of these units.

I am watching a couple of auctions on eBay that close in 3 or 4 days. One is a used 3500 and one is a new 3500. Current bids are $21.50 and $41, respectively.

There also is an auction for a Mad Dog MegaStor. I have just read the review on the Mad Dog that Wes did. Extremely thorough. What is your opinion of the Mad Dog?

By the way, I just got my AOpen 1648/AAP Pro delivered by UPS! It came with the “silver” bezel installed, together with a black and a beige bezel in a box. The bezel is not really silver (as in aluminum-colored), but rather a gray color. The bezel on the 3520 was actually silver. Also included in the retail box were an audio cable, a copy of Power DVD 5, and installation instructions for both the drive and the bezels. I bought this from The drive was manufactured in January 2005 in China. For once, it appears that I got what I ordered!

Please let me know your opinion on the Mad Dog 16X burner.



Just FYI: I have now checked personally with every store that listed a 3500 on Pricegrabber. No one has any of these in stock!


Yo Scarlett-

The Mad Dog is a good drive according to the users and I would not hesitate to buy one - if you KNOW that it is in fact a 3500-

Be sure to upgrade your AOpen /aap Pro firmware to the latest version (1.02) - just make triple sure that it is infact a /aap Pro so you do not risk a bad flash-(check it in Neros Info Tools)


I can confirm that the mad dog model sold at compusa is in fact a 3520A model NOT 3500A. I know this because I was able to see the unit the before purchasing it and it says A2 at the end of the model number on top of the drive. This is indeed a 3520A and it was manufactured in February, 2005.

It is safe to assume that most, if not all, of the models at compusa are 3520A’s.

Office Max has Mad Dog brand also and they probably don’t sale as many and might have some older stock left.

Mike–do you agree with the earlier post concerning the serial number to verify that a Mad Dog is actually a 3500? I noticed in the review by Wes that the Mad Dog he reviewed did not have a serial number anywhere close to the one mentioned. On the AOpen firmware–is it different for the /AAP and the /AAP Pro? I notice that your /AAP is version 1.07. I will need to install this in another computer to check it with the Nero Info Tool, because I have not as yet built the computer in which it will ultimately reside. However, it is clearly marked on the top as a 1648/AAP Pro and manufactured in January 2005. There is no FCC ID on the outside–I would have to open it, and void the warranty. Better to just install it in a computer and check with Nero. :slight_smile:

Cambrian–very nice information to have! It stands to reason that the Mad Dogs would be shipping as 3520’s, and it is good to know what to look for. Thanks!

Ivan–Cowtown, Texas? That has to be Fort Worth, my hometown! I’m in Austin now, but we have Office Max here, too. :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion.